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Posted in  Face   on  September 20, 2012


A life well-lived leaves traces in crow’s feet, laugh lines and diminished facial volume. There is a quick and effective solution that will perk up your appearance with minimal downtime and lasting results, the Temporal Lift. If you’re not quite ready for a face lift but would love to restore a more chiseled look to your cheekbones and smooth away small wrinkles in your forehead, this is a procedure worth some serious consideration.  Here’s what you can expect:


How quickly will I see a difference?

There is an immediate difference in your appearance. You’ll notice a natural tightening and smoothing effect that seems to have erased years. You may experience swelling from the procedure. Full results should be visible within 4-6 weeks.


When can I return to my normal schedule?

Most patient can resume normal activities in 3-4 days.

How long does the temporal lift last?

This procedure will last roughly 3-5 years, depending on how you maintain it.  Adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes vitamins and anti-oxidants is recommended as well as practicing a good skincare regimen using topical cellular creams.


Will I experience pain during or after the procedure?

The temporal lift is performed under local anesthetic with optional oral sedation if requested. We generally provide a prescription to best manage minimal pain after the procedure.


Will I have visible scars?

The small incision is hidden in the hairline and not normally visible.

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