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Low testosterone, also known as “Low T”, is a condition in which men have abnormally low levels of the hormone testosterone. Many men with low testosterone first notice complaints of low sexual drive, chronic fatigue and mood changes. They report that they just don’t feel like the man they used to be. Fortunately, testosterone replacement therapy, at Boca Plastic Surgery & Age Management, we can bring back vitality and vigor to a man’s life.

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Hormones are essential to properly functioning body systems and can positively or negatively impact our overall health and wellbeing, depending on their availability in our bodies. Hormonal imbalance in the form of low testosterone can manifest itself in various physical, mental and emotional ways. It can contribute to symptoms that negatively impact quality of life.

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in both men and women, but at much higher levels in men. In men, testosterone is produced in the testes and is responsible for building muscle mass, producing body hair, and contributing to sexual drive. During puberty testosterone is responsible for the changes that turn a boy into a man.

After age 30 or 40 men naturally experience a gradual decline in testosterone levels. However, for some men, the levels of testosterone drop to abnormally low levels. Specific reasons for hormonal imbalance with age include: adrenal dysfunction, thyroid disease, metabolic syndrome and sexual dysfunction or change.

Signs and symptoms of low testosterone include:

  • Change in sexual function and sexual drive. Men display low sexual desire and difficulty with achieving and maintaining erections.
  • Low semen levels. Testosterone is required for normal levels of ejaculatory volume.
  • Physical body changes. Men display increased body fat, decreased muscle strength and muscle mass, as well as decreased bone mineral density. In addition, some men notice loss of body hair and swelling of the breasts.
  • Mood changes. Men can experience excessive fatigue as well as a depressed affect. Men may experience poor self-esteem and low self-confidence. They do not feel as happy as they used to.
  • Sleep changes. Low testosterone has been associated with insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

It is important to note that these symptoms are often attributed to the natural aging process. However, they can be greatly improved by restoring the proper levels of testosterone in the body. By restoring appropriate hormone levels, the body returns to a more naturally balanced state.

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Treatment with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

A comprehensive medical evaluation with the doctor is the first step in addressing low testosterone levels. The doctor uses diagnostic hormone testing and analysis with a urine, saliva and/or blood sample. He can determine current hormone levels and which ones are lacking.

Once the baseline hormone levels have been established, a treatment plan is established to specifically address the low testosterone needs. Ongoing hormone level analysis is continued throughout treatment to ensure safety and efficacy of treatment. Replacement hormone treatment methods can include injection, topical creams or gels, oral medication or implanted pellets.

The best method will be specific to each patient’s need and will be discussed with the physician. The doctor will also educate in natural ways to boost testosterone, such as achieving a healthy weight, increasing muscle mass and participating in cardiovascular and strength building exercise.

Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy replaces and restores naturally appropriate hormone levels. It uses naturally derived hormones, which are safe and effective for use in the body. The hormones are the chemical equivalent to those naturally occurring in the body, as opposed to synthetic hormones which are less compatible.

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Positive Outcomes

For men who choose to treat their low testosterone levels, there are many expected and exciting outcomes. These include:

  • Heightened mood. Men find that restoring their testosterone balance brings about happiness and decreases depressive thoughts. They have less frustration and are able to find joy in everyday situations.
  • Increased sexual drive and performance. Low testosterone can contribute to impaired sexual drive and erectile dysfunction. Hormone replacement can greatly help in this area. Men find that their sexual drive is restored and have improved sexual performance.
  • Increased energy. Men find themselves with more energy and less chronic fatigue. They have better tolerance for activity and a heightened desire to participate in physical activities.
  • Improved concentration and focus. Men find that they are able to concentrate better and focus their attention to tasks. They are less distracted.
  • Improved sleep. Men find that their quality of sleep improves.
  • Improved strength. By restoring testosterone levels, men have improved energy for exercise. When they exercise, men are able to build and maintain muscle strength at a greater rate than prior to hormone replacement therapy.

Get Started with Testosterone Therapy

If you are suspicious of low testosterone, contact Ennis Plastic Surgery for a thorough evaluation. The doctor will complete an examination to determine testosterone levels and to rule out any other health condition that may be associated with these impairments. He will utilize a blood test (serum testosterone) to determine current testosterone levels.

If low testosterone is found, he will also need to rule out other conditions such as testicular cancer, infection, STD or testicular injury. You can be confident knowing that the doctor is a functional medicine physician and has the knowledge and medical background to thoroughly evaluate his patients.

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The Boca Plastic Surgery & Age Management Difference

At Boca Plastic Surgery & Age Management we are committed to helping our patients reach optimal health and vitality. We have a strong commitment to wellness and believe that hormone replacement therapies are vital to restoring happiness and wellness in men affected by low testosterone.

Restoring your happiness and vitality may simply be a matter of hormones. Find out how great you will feel after hormone replacement therapy!

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