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Posted in  Anti-Aging   on  February 8, 2010

Think women are the only ones who feel the pressure to look young? Think again.

According to data from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) as well as surveys conducted in recent years, men are increasingly turning to injectables to either maintain or restore their youthful good looks. For some, the need to look younger may stem from personal vanity or mid-life crises, but for many, studies show the need to iron out the wrinkles comes from the desire to get ahead in the workplace.

Many of those in industries dominated by younger professionals (i.e. advertising, electronic gaming, web design) feel pressured to look young in order to compete with the throngs of incoming professionals who are eager to take their place. They feel that the more youthful and attractive they look, the greater their marketability in the workplace and the better their chances are of staying in the game.

Injectables are a popular choice among men because it provides immediate results without recovery time. They can go in for an appointment during lunch or after work, and be back at work the next day.

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