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Did you know that breast implants aren’t meant to be lifelong devices? If it’s been a while since you’ve had your breast implants, it may be just the right time to exchange yours out with a breast implant exchange procedure.

Breast implant exchange is a surgical procedure in which Dr. Ennis removes an existing breast implant and exchanges it for a new breast implant. Even if you had your first procedure with another plastic surgeon, Dr. Ennis is happy to talk to you about exchanging your implant for a new and improved model.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery team is highly-skilled at this procedure and will do their best to get the results you want, in a comfortable and safe environment. This guide has helpful information to help you make the right decision. 

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Breast Implant Exchange Photos (before & after)

Actual Patients of Dr. Ennis

Breast implant exchnge Subglandular to Submuscular 1

Breast implant exchnge Subglandular to Submuscular 1

Breast implant exchange from sub-glandular to sub-muscular. Note the significant improvement in the shape of the breast, especially along the upper pole. A sub-muscular implant has a much nicer transition at the top of the breast.

Breast implant exchange from Submuscular to Subglandular

Breast implant exchange from Submuscular to Subglandular

Breast implant exchange from sub-glandular to sub-muscular. Note that the implants in the bottom row are sub-muscular and are supporting the implant much better so the skin is not being pulled like it is in the top row.

Breast implant exchange to a wider implant

Breast implant exchange to a wider implant

Breast implant exchange to a wider implant to close the gap between the breast. Implants should be chosen as much on width as volume. When the implant is too narrow, there is a large gap between them. When the implant is too large, they stick out to the side. An implant should fit the width of the chest to get an optimal look.

Experience a Breast Consultation with Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ennis

To learn about breast implant exchange surgery, please read the guide below or contact Ennis Plastic Surgery at 561-405-9020 to book a consultation or ask us a question. We are here to help you get the look you desire.

The Time Is Right for a Breast Implant Exchange

Besides having had your implants in for a long period of time, there are also other vital reasons why you might need to have a breast implant exchange procedure. From movement to rupture, here’s your mini-guide to knowing when your breast implant has run its course. It’s time to replace your breast implants if you have any of the following issues:

  1. Scar tissue: Known as capsular contracture, this problem occurs because of thickened scar tissue formation around the breast implant. The scar tissue hardens around the implant, creating a hard and round structure that lacks natural movement and is easily detectable. Generally, this requires a breast implant exchange which placing your implant below the chest muscle.
  2. Implant rupture or leak: If your breasts have begun to deflate over the course of 1 to 2 days, then your saline implant has ruptured. It is very important to remove and exchange the implant within a couple of weeks to prevent shrinking of the implant pocket. If a silicone implant ruptures, it may require detection using an MRI to determine just how your implants has ruptured.
  3. Return for a larger (or smaller) size : If you’ve had any changes in your weight or body changes, such as pregnancy, you may want to change your implant size. You might find that your previous size just isn’t working for you anymore. If you’ve been dissatisfied with the size of the breasts, an implant exchange can help.
  4. Implant texture : You might be unhappy with the unnatural look of saline implants and want to go for a silicone type instead. If so, a breast exchange can easily complete this goal for you.
  5. Advancements in implant technology : Science is such an incredible field and it’s constantly evolving! If you underwent surgery 30 years ago, the advances in medical technology have drastically improved the look, feel, quality and longevity of implants. Newer breast implants are less prone to leaking in comparison to older implants. You may choose to undergo a breast implant exchange to update your implant with a newer, more natural-feeling implant.
  6. A botched job : Sometimes you might have had an awful experience with your previous surgery team. If you didn’t get the position, size, shape or feel that you originally hoped for, you may be ready to have the problem corrected and finally get the look you wanted in the first place.
  7. Uneven breast implants: Almost all women have one of their breasts that is bigger than the other. If your previous surgeon, didn’t accommodate for the asymmetry, you’ll be left with breasts that aren’t balanced. A breast implant exchange to one breast may correct for this size asymmetry.
  8. Bottoming out: Malposition occurs when an implant drops too low from the implant pocket. This makes the nipple seem to sit too high on the breast. Dr. Ennis may be able to correct this by shortening the distance between the nipple and the lower breast, but if not a breast implant exchange may be the exact way to fix the movement.
  9. Correcting Breast Implants : Depending on the type of implants you have, Dr. Ennis will help conquer your situation. Here’s a closer look at the type of exchange you might be considering.

Breast Implant Revision & Exchange? Q&A with Dr. Ennis

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What to Consider with Breast Implant Exchange

Exchanging saline implants

If you’ve got any rippling that you can see or feel under the skin, it may be time to replace that saline implant because it wasn’t placed correctly to begin with. Rippling typically occurs when the saline implant is placed under the breast tissue, and not under the chest muscle (pectoralis major muscle). When the saline implant is positioned above the muscle, it does not have the same amount of protection from tissue positioned over it. Therefore, the implant can sometimes be felt beneath the skin. Most often, the surgeon will replace the implant and position it below the chest muscle, for better results and less likelihood of future rippling. Your saline implant can often be removed and exchanged in one simple surgical procedure.

1. Exchanging saline for silicone implants

Silicone implants tend to have a more natural look and feel. But they were outlawed for many years and you may have only had saline to choose from. Today, you can choose the new gummy bear implants which are less likely to move or leak---an option that wasn’t available to you several years ago.

2. Exchanging silicone implants

You might also choose to exchange your silicone implants for new silicone implants due to rupture, bottoming out, changing size and updating implant technology. Think of it as a silicone upgrade. 

Breast Implant Rupture. Q&A with Dr. Ennis

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The Breast Exchange

Before you decide on your breast exchange, you’ll come in for a consultation with your surgeon. Dr. Ennis will listen to your goals for the outcome of surgery and answer any questions you may have. Since each patient has a unique situation, Dr. Ennis will discuss the exact placement, size and projection you’re hoping for. You’ll also talk about anything that disappointed you with your first surgery or implant experience. 

When your breast implant exchange surgery day arrives, you’ll receive anesthesia from our board-certified MD anesthesiologist to ensure the utmost in safety and care. Dr. Ennis will then proceed with your exchange procedure. 

Your breast implant exchange will take about 1 to 2 hours to complete. Once Dr. Ennis has removed and replaced your implants, he will close your incisions and you’ll be dressed with special bandages. A special compression garment will be wrapped around you to help reduce your swelling. 

You will feel some pain and discomfort at the surgical site but this will subside after a few weeks. Because you’ve had surgery on this area before, you might find it easier to recover this time around because your implant pockets were already in place. 

You’ll want to avoid heavy lifting and exercise for 4 to 6 weeks, though you should be able to return to your normal daily activities after about a week’s time.

Dr. Ennis, Care That Matters

Dr. L. Scott Ennis is recognized for his ability to create beautiful breast procedures and to correct the unsatisfactory work you’ve experienced with other surgeons. Dr. Ennis is an internationally respected plastic surgeon, who specializes in complex cosmetic breast surgeries. He is the founder of the Breast Enhancement Centers of America, an organization dedicated to improving and advancing the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. He’s also received several awards and accolades for his outstanding surgical practices.

If you’re unhappy with your current breast implants or it’s time to switch to a newer, improved version, you’ll love the care you get from the surgery team. Call us today to set up a consultation at 561-405-9020 or book a consultation online

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