Breast Implant Exchange

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Breast implant exchange is a surgical procedure in which the cosmetic surgeon removes an existing breast implant and exchanges it for a new breast implant. There are many reasons that a patient may seek a breast implant exchange procedure, largely due to the fact that breast implants are not intended to be lifelong devices. It is very likely that over the course of a lifetime, a patient who has had a breast augmentation will require an additional breast implant surgery for implant removal or implant exchange.

Fortunately, at Ennis Plastic Surgery, our cosmetic surgeons are experts in the field of breast surgery. When patients choose a breast surgical specialist, they are offered the best options, medical devices and advanced surgical techniques. This leads to optimal results with natural and pleasing outcomes.

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Breast Implant Exchange Photos (before & after)

Actual Patients of Dr. Ennis

Breast implant exchnge Subglandular to Submuscular 1

Breast implant exchnge Subglandular to Submuscular 1

Breast implant exchange from sub-glandular to sub-muscular. Note the significant improvement in the shape of the breast, especially along the upper pole. A sub-muscular implant has a much nicer transition at the top of the breast.

Breast implant exchange from Submuscular to Subglandular

Breast implant exchange from Submuscular to Subglandular

Breast implant exchange from sub-glandular to sub-muscular. Note that the implants in the bottom row are sub-muscular and are supporting the implant much better so the skin is not being pulled like it is in the top row.

Breast implant exchange to a wider implant

Breast implant exchange to a wider implant

Breast implant exchange to a wider implant to close the gap between the breast. Implants should be chosen as much on width as volume. When the implant is too narrow, there is a large gap between them. When the implant is too large, they stick out to the side. An implant should fit the width of the chest to get an optimal look.

Reasons for a Breast Implant Exchange

  1. Capsular contracture: This is a condition that results due to thickened scar tissue formation around the breast implant. The scar tissue hardens around the implant, creating a hard and round structure that lacks natural movement and is easily detectable. Typically, this requires a breast implant exchange, placing the implant below the chest muscle. Read more about capsular contracture.
  2. Implant rupture or leak: When a saline implant ruptures, the breast noticeably deflates over the course of 1-2 days. It is necessary to remove and exchange the implant within a couple of weeks to prevent shrinking of the implant pocket. If a silicone implant ruptures, it may require detection using an MRI.
  3. Implant exchange for a larger or smaller size: Many women choose to exchange their implants for a larger breast size, though not in every case. Additionally, some women choose to update their implant size due to weight changes or body changes from pregnancy. If the patient is dissatisfied with the size of the breasts, an implant exchange can correct for this dissatisfaction by replacing with a desired breast implant size.
  4. Implant exchange for a different implant composition: Most often, when patients choose to replace an implant with a different material, they choose to replace a saline implant with a silicone implant. This is due to the more natural feel and movement of silicone implants.
  5. Advanced breast implant product options: For patients who underwent breast augmentation 30 years ago, the advances in medical technology have drastically improved the look, feel, quality and longevity of newer breast implants. Newer breast implants are less prone to leaking in comparison to older implants. A patient may choose to undergo a breast implant exchange to update their implant with a newer and more natural feeling implant.
  6. Dissatisfaction with the original augmentation outcomes: Some patients have dissatisfaction with their original breast augmentation outcomes, whether this is due to the implant position, size, shape or feel. Whatever the reason, a breast implant exchange may be best indicated to correct for patient dissatisfaction.
  7. Asymmetry in breast implant size: Most women have some natural asymmetry in their breast size. If the surgeon does not accommodate for this asymmetry, then the breasts may be more markedly asymmetrical after augmentation. A breast implant exchange to one breast may correct for size asymmetry.
  8. Bottoming out: Malposition occurs when an implant drops too low from the implant pocket. This makes the nipple seem to sit too high on the breast. The surgeon may be able to correct for this by shortening the distance between the nipple and lower breast, or it may be best suited to undergo a breast implant exchange.

Breast Implant Revision & Exchange? Q&A with Dr. Ennis

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What to Consider with Breast Implant Exchange

When considering a breast implant exchange, the patient will first meet with the breast surgical specialist in an individualized consultation. Each patient’s anatomy is evaluated and the cause for dissatisfaction is analyzed. The exact placement, size, projection, and implant material will be determined and discussed during the consultation, based on the patients’ desired results and the surgeon’s expertise.

1. Exchanging saline implants

The most common reason a patient chooses to replace saline breast implants is due to unwanted rippling that can be visually seen and physically felt beneath the skin. Rippling typically occurs when the saline implant is placed under the breast tissue, and not under the chest muscle (pectoralis major muscle). When the saline implant is positioned above the muscle, it does not have the same amount of protection from tissue positioned over it. Therefore, the implant can sometimes be felt beneath the skin. Most often, the surgeon will replace the implant and position in below the chest muscle, for better results and less likelihood of future rippling. The saline implant can often be removed and exchanged in one simple surgical procedure.

2. Exchanging saline for silicone implants

Patients may choose to replace saline implants with silicone implants as a matter of choice for breast feel or aesthetics. Additionally, because silicone implants are not approved for younger patients, some women were not suitable candidates for silicone implants at the time of their previous augmentation.

3. Exch​anging silicone implants

Patients may choose to exchange their silicone implants for new silicone implants due to rupture, bottoming out, changing size and updating implant technology. The silicone implant can be removed and the new implant can be replaced in one surgical procedure.

Breast Implant Rupture. Q&A with Dr. Ennis

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What to Expect during Consultation & Surgery

All breast implant exchange procedures will begin with an individualized consultation with the breast cosmetic surgeon in order to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. When undergoing the breast implant exchange, the patient is given anesthesia to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Most breast implant exchange procedures take 1-2 hours to complete. Once the implants have been removed and replaced, the surgical incisions are closed and dressed with bandages. There may be a compression garment placed to reduce swelling. Patients should expect some swelling and discomfort in the surgical site, which will decrease over the course of several weeks.

For many patients, the breast implant exchange procedure offers an easier recovery because the implant pocket is already formed and the skin is already stretched for the existing implant. During recovery, the patient should avoid strenuous lifting and exercise for 4-6 weeks, but can return to their normal daily activities within one week.

The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

Ennis Plastic Surgery in Palm Beach is proud to offer the expert surgical skill of one of the nation’s most renowned breast cosmetic surgeons. Dr. L. Scott Ennis is recognized for his ability to create beautiful outcomes and to correct for unsatisfactory work from other surgeons. Dr. Ennis is an internationally respected plastic surgeon, who specializes in complex breast surgeries. He is the founder of the Breast Enhancement Centers of America, an organization dedicated to improving and advancing the field of cosmetic plastic surgery.

If you are dissatisfied with your breast augmentation outcomes or are unhappy with the shape, projection or feel of your implants, please do not hesitate to set up an individualized consultation with one of our renowned breast surgeons. An implant exchange procedure may be the answer to restoring your love for your breasts!. Please contact Ennis Plastic Surgery in Palm Beach to set up a consultation.

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