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The male rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure meant to alter the shape, size or projection of a man’s nose. Many men seek nose surgery to correct structural problems that impact normal breathing, repairing damage from sports injury or correcting an inherited bulbous or hooked nose. Men benefit from achieving a natural balance between the nose and chin, creating a strong profile that conveys confidence and leadership. This procedure aims to reshape the nose to restore masculinity and revitalize a man’s appearance.

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Throughout history, the image of a handsome male nose has been mostly unchanged. Looking at the paintings and sculptures of Renaissance times, it is clear that the ideal male nose has remained steady through today. A masculine nose is characterized by a strong nasal dorsum with good height and a straight or slightly convex line. The nasal dorsum is known as the nose bridge. This connects the tip of the nose to the face. The dorsum of the nose has great impact on the overall appearance of the nose and entire face. The masculine nasal tip is never turned up, yet does not droop toward the mouth. A nasal tip that turns up appears feminine, while a nasal tip that droops down appears aged and unattractive. In addition, a strong nose is balanced by a strong chin for a sculpted profile.

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Rhinoplasty Photos (before & after)

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rhinoplasty-before-after-scott-ennis-md-destin-palm-beach-118960 (1)

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The soft tissues of the nose are susceptible to the effects of aging and slowly show this natural process in a drooping nose tip or enlarged nostrils. In addition, many men have had sports or accident related injuries which result in broken noses with a crooked appearance and even a deviated septum. Most men desire a strong and balance profile that exudes confidence and strength. Sometimes it is necessary to undergo a chin implant to create this strong profile. A weak or small chin can make a nose appear much larger than it is, while a strong chin can balance a larger nose.

Male Rhinoplasty surgery can address:

  • Overall nose size
  • Width of the nose bridge
  • Profile of the nose, correcting for bumps or ridges
  • Size and position of the nasal tip
  • Wide or large nostrils

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Rhinoplasty Procedure

There are two conventional approaches to rhinoplasty surgery including the open and closed techniques.

Open rhinoplasty

During the open rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon creates an incision in the shape of an inverted V along the middle column of the patient’s nose, in the area that separates the two nostrils.  There are many other incisions made on the inside of the nostrils as well.  After the incisions are made, the skin is lifted and the cartilage, bone, and tissue beneath is sculpted and reshaped to produce the desired result. Implants, grafts, and/or cartilage may be used to build up tissue to achieve the desired nose shape.  The skin is then re-draped over the newly shaped area and secured with very fine stitches.  A nose splint is placed to support the newly shaped nose as it heals.

Closed rhinoplasty

A closed rhinoplasty is performed in the same manner as an open rhinoplasty, except for that it is done without any incisions made on the exterior of the nose.  All of the incisions are made inside of the nose, which means that there is no visible scarring.  Depending on the extent of the rhinoplasty and the desired outcomes, the surgeon will determine which type of approach is best suited for each individual’s needs.

What to Expect

The rhinoplasty procedure begins with an individualized consultation with Dr. Ennis, in which the patient expresses their desired outcomes and appearance. During this consultation, Dr. Ennis will review the surgical procedure, answer all questions, and aim to fully understand the patient’s desired results. Having a thorough discussion with the utilization of pictures will help ensure that the surgeon skillfully corrects the desired nasal shape.

The surgical procedure for the rhinoplasty does not differ between male or female patients. However, the aesthetic goals and outcomes vary between men and women. For male patients, the surgery aims to create a stronger dorsum without over rotating the tip of the nose.

In addition, more men seek nose surgery to correct for nasal deformities due to injuries.

Previous nasal injuries can result in a crooked nose bridge or a deviated septum. The nasal septum is made of bone and cartilage and separates the two sides of the airway passage in the nasal cavity.  When the septum does not align properly, it can block the flow of air through the nasal passages. A deviated septum creates difficulty breathing, poor sinus drainage, headaches, snoring and contributes to allergies.  For individuals that have suffered a broken or injured nose, a rhinoplasty can restore the nose to a more pleasing appearance and proper alignment.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

The rhinoplasty procedure can last 1-2 hours. General anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation is utilized, depending on the extent of the surgical procedure. Once the surgical procedure is completed, a splint is placed to keep the nose in proper alignment during healing. Soft absorbent packing is used inside the nose to provide the nose stability and reduce post-operative bleeding. After approximately one week, the splint and bandaging are removed.

After surgery, the face is puffy and there is visible bruising around the nose and eyes. It usually takes 10-14 days for this swelling and bruising to subside. During the recovery, patients should avoid any strenuous or sports related activities in order to allow for proper healing. Pain medications may be prescribed to reduce any post-surgical discomfort.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, you can feel confident about the level of expertise of our board certified cosmetic and regenerative medicine surgeons.  Dr. Scott Ennis enjoys a reputation as an international authority in his field, with his considerable skill in facial plastic surgery and skin rejuvenation.  He has advanced training in endoscopic facial plastic surgery and minimally invasive cosmetic facial procedures.

Many men worry that a nose procedure will leave them looking feminine, or as if they have had work done. You can be confident in the professional and surgical experience of Dr. Scott Ennis. Dr. Ennis understands the anatomical and aesthetic looks of a masculine nose. He understands the components that create a strong, confident facial profile. Please view the before and after gallery for an idea of how the male rhinoplasty procedure has enhanced the appearance of men just like you.

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