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Hair loss can affect both men and women, negatively impacting self-esteem and creating a look of premature aging. Hair loss can create anxiety and uneasiness for social situations and negatively impact interpersonal relationships.

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Natural hair growth follows a general cycle for all individuals. For most people, hair grows approximately one inch every two months. Each hair strand grows for 2-6 years, then remains at that length before falling out. Each hair strand resides in a follicle, which is a cavity within the skin. For typical hair follicles, a new hair will soon grow in place of the strand that fell out.

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For individuals that suffer with hair loss, the follicle shrinks and creates shorter and finer hair strands. Over time, the hair follicle gets very small and has no hair inside. It is not clearly understood why these follicles fail to grow new hair, but is related to hormones and genetics.

The good news is that the hair follicles are still alive and have the potential for generating new growth. Enter the NeoGraft FUE!

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Candidates for Hair Restoration

The ideal candidate for hair restoration at Ennis Plastic Surgery is in good health with moderate hair loss and ample donor hair at the back of the scalp. The more donor hair available, the greater the hair density that can be restored.

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NeoGraft FUE Hair Restoration

The science behind the grafting process is simple, allowing hair from the back of the head to be transplanted to the front. The living graft tissues continue to grow hair, now in a new location of the scalp.

In the past, hair restoration was achieved by using a donor section of scalp and transplanting this over the thinning areas. This left an unsightly linear scar in the back of the head, which was difficult or impossible to hide. The beauty of hair restoration with the NeoGraft FUE system is that full, healthy hair can be restored without a linear scar.  The NeoGraft FUE system can be used for hair restoration on the scalp, eyebrows, and body. In addition, it can be utilized to camouflage scars from previous linear harvests.

FUE is an acronym for follicular unit extraction, meaning that individual follicles of hair are removed from the donor site to be transplanted in the areas of thinning hair. The follicles are extracted without an incision, leaving no visible scar.

NeoGraft FUE Hair Restoration is the new age of hair transplant. This revolutionary system avoids large, visible incisions and instead provides for nearly imperceptible scarring, minimal downtime and a speedy recovery. NeoGraft hair transplant is not your ordinary hair restoration procedure. It is the least invasive procedure of its kind with no sutures, no scalpel incisions, and no linear scars.

In addition, using the NeoGraft FUE hair restoration procedure, larger areas can be transplanted in a single session, reducing the need for subsequent procedures and getting you more quickly to the coverage you desire. NeoGraft technology uses pneumatic pressure to extract individual follicles, protecting the delicate transplants yielding a better total result. Strip surgery and other methods require more manual manipulation of the follicles which can damage them, impacting the final result.

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To learn about hair restoration, please read the guide below or contact Ennis Plastic Surgery at 561-405-9020 to book a consultation or ask us a question. We are here to help you get the look you desire.

The Hair Restoration Process

  1. The donor hair is removed from the back of the scalp (which is the area of the head very resistant to hair loss).
  2. Each graft is extracted with a needle and vacuum for fast collection.
  3. Each graft is collected with the same diameter and length, allowing for better transplantation and improved rate of taking.
  4. The extracted follicular units are skillfully separated by size.
  5. The surgeon skillfully creates the recipient sites with the appropriate angle and orientation of your natural hair growth pattern and the desired area to be filled.
  6. Then, the extracted follicular units are individually transplanted into the balding areas.

Hair Restoration Recovery

Dr. Ennis uses his expertise during the 3 to 8 hour procedure to ensure that every follicle is similar in length and consistency to ensure your body accepts the transplanted follicles. Most patients feel at most a little discomfort, but many feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure. Although the procedure itself takes a little longer than strip grafting, its results are more uniform without strip-scars or pain. The patient is given local anesthetics in order to ensure comfort during the procedure. Because the NeoGraft FUE system is so efficient, there is minimal downtime. Most patients only need one day after the procedure to rest before returning to their normal activities.

The donor site needs to be shaved in order to harvest the hair follicles. The donor site will need several weeks to grow back. Once the hair follicle has been implanted to the desired area, the grafted hair will remain for a few weeks and then shed. This normal part of the new growth process is important. The new hair growth will begin in approximately 4-6 months and continue to grow normally thereafter. Full results may take up to a year. As the new hair grows in, the results will look natural, healthy, and strong.

It is important to note that natural hair loss does not stop after having a hair restoration surgery. Some people will need continued maintenance and further restoration sessions to keep up with natural balding. This will be discussed with Dr. Ennis in the consultation.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

Ennis Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the most technologically advanced and minimally invasive approach to hair restoration. Using the NeoGraft FUE system, our clinical team is confident in their ability to most optimally restore thinning hair. The NeoGraft FUE is a the only FDA approved follicular unit harvesting and implantation procedure. Dr. Ennis’ experience with NeoGraft hair transplants has produced great results that you may view in the NeoGraft Before & After Photos. In addition, be sure to click on the videos to the right to fully understand the procedure and how it has impacted the life of a real patient.

All hair restoration procedures at Ennis Plastic Surgery are performed by certified NeoGraft technicians personally selected by our medical director and plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Ennis. As a patient of Dr. Ennis, you are given unprecedented access to a real expert. Trust a surgeon with years of experience, professional accreditation and a history of success.

Take your look to another level with hair restoration at Ennis Plastic Surgery!

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