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Dr. Ennis addresses the underlying cause of a sagging face by correcting the muscles. This "deep plane" approach using a "vertical lift" creates a natural looking result. To achieve a refreshed appearance with a deep plane facelift call 561-405-9020.

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Deep Plane Facelift guide

A great facelift can revolutionize the way you look. A bad facelift can be devastating and unfixable! Done right, you can feel younger, look less tired and erase years of unwanted wrinkles. Today’s techniques help tighten the muscles and structure beneath the skin to give an overall youthful and vibrant appearance. A highly-skilled technique called the deep plane facelift is a game-changer and here’s why.  

The History of Facelift Procedures

When the idea of facelifts first originated, the skin of the face was pulled tight but the muscles underneath were neglected. Since the muscles weren’t addressed, facelifts gave patients a pulled look. As surgeons began to consider the muscles in the face, they began to understand the way the face ages and the anatomy of what’s involved in the process. Though this greatly helped avoid the pulled look, patients still felt heaviness in the folds near the nasal area. The most recent development in facial surgery is the deep plane facelift, a procedure that incorporates the way in which the muscle structure under the skin moves and reacts.

The Muscle Beneath

A TRUE Deep Plane Facelift allows surgeons to tighten the actual muscle structure of the face. It works by understanding the deep plane of the face. This deep plane connects to a part of the body known as the SMAS (a system of muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons) that’s part of the neuromuscular system and responsible for communication throughout the body between the muscles and nerves.

This complex system works together to operate the movement of muscles, like with your facial expressions for example. It is the same system of muscle and nerves that allows you to smile, frown, laugh and show emotions in your face! A deep plane facelift works with the SMAS system to give you a lift that agrees with the movement of your face, giving you better and longer-lasting results all while maintaining a very natural youthful look and avoiding the over done over pulled look. 

Your Deep Plane Facelift Procedure Process

Before you decide on the best technique for your facelift, you’ll want to meet with Dr. Ennis for a consultation. During this initial meeting, you’ll see before and after photos of the procedure and go over what to expect on your surgery day. Measurements of your face and neck will also be taken and your procedure will be discussed in full.

You can get ready for your consultation by collecting your updated health history, including which vitamins and medicines you’re currently taking. This will help Dr. Ennis determine if surgery is a good fit for you. You’ll also have this opportunity to talk with Dr. Ennis about your worries and concerns about your facelift procedure. 

About the Deep Plane Facelift Surgery Procedure

When surgery day arrives, you’ll meet with our board-certified MD anesthesiologist to undergo general anesthesia for your facelift procedure.During your procedure, Dr. Ennis will make an incision around the ear in the natural crease to get to the deep plane area of the midface. He will then work with the ligaments and muscles in the face to give you a tight and toned look.

At the end of the procedure, he will place a small drain behind the ear to remove excess fluids and secure your incision with a suture. This comes out the very next morning and you can go home and shower. 

Results to Expect

After surgery, you may be swollen and have some bruising on the face and neck. Following surgery, it will be important to keep your head elevated. Make sure to follow all postop instructions so that you can heal correctly and safely. Once your bruising and swelling subside, your incision sites will be hardly noticeable. You will then be able to see the dramatic and inspiring results of your deep plane facelift surgery.

Combining Procedures for the Best Result

Dr. Ennis will talk with you about other procedures that might work well in conjunction with your facelift. You might want to consider a brow lift, a buccal fat pad removal or a chemical peel to ensure an overall younger, natural appearance or as a way to enhance your facelift procedure.

The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

Because a deep plane facelift is a special and complex procedure, not many surgeons can perform this amazing technique. Dr. Ennis is an expert with a TRUE deep plane facelift and has traveled around the world to study this technique. His artful expression and careful skill level will yield phenomenal results.  Dr. Ennis is highly-renowned and has been named one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, one of the Ten Best plastic Surgeons in Florida based on patient reviews and Realself’s Top 100 cosmetic surgeons in the country. Call today for more information about this procedure. 

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