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Lacking cheek bone structure can leave a face looking gaunt or fatigued and make you look older than you really are. With full, defined cheek bones, the face takes on added dimension and all your features work together in balance and harmony. Full cheeks give the face a more youthful appearance and enhancing this area can either correct a deficiency or restore some of that lost fullness.

Cheek implants or augmentation can restore a more youthful look about the entire face, refreshing and renewing facial features and giving the mid-face more definition and structure. Enhancing the cheek contours will give a more sculpted appearance and balanced profile. High cheeks give a youthful appearance and ultimately make you look more toned and lean. Cheek augmentation can also eliminate* a sunken appearance under the eyes.

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Types of Cheek Procedures

There are several approaches to improving the contours of the cheeks including: injectables, fat transfer and cheek implants. Your surgeon, Dr. Scott Ennis will help you determine which option is best suited for your desired results.

Cheek Fillers

Injectable fillers can add volume to cheeks and restore youthful radiance to your skin. Though these fillers are not permanent, they provide long lasting results, for up to two years. Fillers are a great option for people that are not sure if they want the more permanent* change of an implant, but want to restore fullness in the mid face. Fillers take only minutes to inject and have few signs of any visible markings. You see instant results from injectable fillers.

Voluma is an FDA-approved gel filler, made by Allergan, the makers of many other products used in aesthetics. This filler is injected into the deep tissues of the mid-face, and can be molded to sit precisely along your cheek bones and in amounts where it provides the optimal lift and rejuvenating effect. When injected correctly, Voluma is clinically proven to last two years.

Perlane is an injectable formulated for use in the mid-face, offering an increase in volume typically lost as we age. It is made by Galderma and is part of the family of injectable fillers and relaxers.

Cheek Fat Transfer

Fat transfer to the mid-face can restore areas where there used to be youthful amounts of fat but now have taken on a hollow look. Fat is taken from another area of the body, specially prepared and injected where it will fill in and rejuvenate the face. The fat is typically taken from the abdomen or thigh. The results are natural but impressive. The change is subtle but significant. In addition, this procedure only takes approximately 30 minutes. It offers a very natural and long-lasting result. Because it is your own fat cells, there is little risk for rejection or reaction.

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants augment the bone structure of the cheek region, enhancing the foundation of your mid-face. Implants are a more permanent* enhancement attached to your existing cheek bones. The cheek implants are made of solid silicone or other synthetic materials that are compatible with your body. Your surgeon will choose the implant size and shape that best suits your facial structure and will best meet your desired results.

The implant can be placed in one of two ways: through the inside of the mouth or through the lower eyelid. When performing through the mouth, the surgeon makes a small incision where your cheek meets your gums in the back of the mouth. The surgeon will stretch the soft tissue structures in order to create a pocket over the cheekbone. Then, the implant is placed and positioned in that pocket, securing it to the cheekbone or soft tissue in the area.

When an eyelid procedure is also being performed, it makes sense for the surgeon to place the cheek implant through an incision in the lower eyelid. The process is the same, in that the surgeon then makes a pocket for the implant, properly positions the implant and secures it. Once secured, the incision is closed with fine sutures.

Cheek implants can be placed as a stand-alone procedure, but are often done in combination with other facial surgeries, such as eyelid surgerychin implantsnose surgery or a facelift.

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What to Expect

You will first meet with your surgeon to discuss your concerns, goals and desired outcomes. Based on your consultation the surgeon will help you to determine which type of cheek enhancement is best suited for you: injectable filler, fat transfer or cheek implant.

Recovery from an injectable is minimal, although you may have some mild swelling. After a fat transfer, you may have more swelling and discomfort to the areas that were involved: both the transfer site and the face. It may take one week for swelling to subside.

If you decide to have a cheek implant, your recovery will depend on whether you had other concurrent facial procedures. You can expect mild soreness after the procedure. You may have some mild swelling and possible numbness over the incision site. Because your skin has been stretched to accommodate the new implant, you may feel tightness over the cheeks for a couple days. You should avoid any rigorous activity to allow for proper healing form your surgery. Typically, you can return to work and other normal activities within one week.

If your incisions are on the inside of your mouth, you will need to take care to rinse your mouth after eating and keep the sutures clean. If your surgery was done through the eyelid, you will need to take special care for your eyes. This will include the use of lubricants to reduce any eye dryness. You may have slight scarring under the lash line of the lower eyelid, but these are typically not noticeable.

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Our clinical team will work with your to answer any and all questions you may have about your cheek augmentation. We will help you to determine which technique is best suited to meet your needs and achieve the fullness and definition you desire in your cheeks. Whether you choose a cheek filler, fat transfer or cheek implant, you can be confident that our surgical team has extensive experience delivering natural results with all three techniques.

We are excited to have the opportunity to contribute to that outcome.  If you are interested in discussing how cheek augmentation can impact your physical appearance, please contact us to set up a consultation.

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