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A facelift revision is a cosmetic procedure that is intended to alter and improve the results from a previous facelift surgery. It may include one procedure or a combination of procedures. Additionally, the facelift revision may be done surgically or with minimally invasive energy based treatments. At Ennis Plastic Surgery, we are experts in finding minimally invasive ways to enhance, fine tune, or alter the final outcomes of a facelift procedure.

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, patients can rest assured that our qualified surgical team is dedicated to patient happiness and health. We offer several clinically proven treatment options to safely and beautifully revise facelift results.

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Candidates for Facelift Revision

When a facelift surgery is properly executed, sagging features of the lower face are tightened in an upward direction, not pulling backward toward the ears. The tightening is done in combination with elimination of excess skin. Additionally, some individuals experience changes to the mid-facial features around the cheeks and eyelids. Or, the facelift may not have addressed the mid-facial features and these areas can begin to sag and age, looking incongruent with the tightened lower face. Whatever the concern, a revision facelift procedure may be indicated to correct for unwanted issues.

The first step in a facelift revision is identification of the areas of concern with the facial appearance. The patient may not be able to articulate exactly what is wrong with the outcome, but the skilled surgeon will be able to identify the underlying issue. Once the issues are identified, the surgeon is able to create a plan for correction.

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Fortunately, many issues with an unsatisfactory facelift procedure can be revised with the use of non-surgical techniques. A thorough consultation with Dr. Ennis, our plastic surgeon expert, will shed light onto which treatments may be best indicated for each individual.

Injectable Dermal Filler - Juvederm Voluma

A common complaint of patients after facelift surgery is that the skin still appears to be sagging and tired looking. This may be due to the natural aging process, as individuals lose facial volume, particularly at the mid-face region. Or, the facelift procedure may not have properly addressed the skin laxity. Fortunately, utilization of an injectable filler, Voluma, works as a great option to plump sunken facial features and improve the contours of the face.

Voluma is an FDA approved gel filler that is precisely injected into the soft tissues of the face. It restores lost facial volume without altering the patient’s ability to achieve natural facial expressions. The gel is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring complex sugar found in the body. The substance hydrates the skin, increasing the volume. Voluma is typically used to restore lost volume to the mid-facial region, in the cheeks.

For many patients, there is little preparation needed before injection. The area will be slightly numbed with a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. The skilled clinician skillfully injects the filler to the needed areas, in order to fit and contour the patient’s unique facial structure. The entire process only takes 15-20 minutes. Additionally, there is very little recovery needed after an injection, though the area may have slight redness and discomfort temporarily. Voluma filler lasts up to 2 years.


For some individuals, surgical correction is indicated to address the features that are causing dissatisfaction. The patient will meet with Dr. Ennis to discuss what surgical intervention is best. The surgeon can perform a Cable lift, or endoscopic brow lift, in order to refine the facial proportions. The surgeon places small and precise incisions that lift the eyelids and brows, smoothing the forehead area. This lift often perfectly complements the original procedure that may have only tightened the lower face.

As a result of this corrective procedure, the aesthetics of the overall face are smoothed, with gentler curves and a more youthful shape. Dr. Ennis utilizes inconspicuous incisions, in order to minimize scarring as a result of the revision. The patient will be given anesthesia to ensure patient safety and comfort during the procedure. Just as the original facelift procedure required 1-3 weeks of recovery, a surgical revision will also require several weeks for healing. The patient may expect some discomfort, bruising and swelling in the area. However, these symptoms can be controlled with pain medication, rest and time.

The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

Cosmetic surgery is the combination of art and science. It takes a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon to perform delicate and intricate procedures on the face. Dr. Scott Ennis is a renowned and respected plastic surgeon, known for his natural and beautiful surgical outcomes. His patients are left extremely satisfied with their surgical care and ultimate cosmetic results.

Besides his surgical skill, Dr. Ennis is also known for his considerable skill in skin rejuvenation and energy based treatments. He is an authority in his field and works closely with the talented and dedicated team at Ennis Plastic Surgery. If you are concerned about your facelift surgical outcomes and are curious about treatment options, please contact us to set up a consultation.

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