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Hair transplant using the NeoGraft FUE system means no strip, no sutures, minimal down time and superior results. This virtually undetectable method of hair restoration produces natural hairlines and excellent coverage by placing hairs the way they naturally grow.

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Hair Transplant Revolution - No Scar Hair Transplantation!

Updated: March 21, 2022

We’re so excited to offer you the most innovative approach to hair transplant surgery. In years past, hair transplants got a bad rap. Today, you don’t have to worry about scarring or painful procedures because an all-new technique can help restore a beautiful, rich hairline with minimal downtime and amazing results.

A new technique called the NeoGraft 2.0  FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)is the absolute latest in technology and replaces your lost hair by actually relocating healthy follicles to the sight of hair loss. 

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. During this minimally invasive method of hair transplantation, the hair follicles themselves are extracted and transplanted. This is a huge advancement over previously available methods that required the surgical removal of an entire strip of tissue containing hair follicles from the patient’s head. Not only was that procedure painful, but it left a scar and required significant healing downtime for the patient following the procedure. FUE is all about precision placement of each follicle so your hair grows in naturally.

NeoGraft hair transplant allows for restoration of larger areas, too. Patients benefit from getting the most grafts done in each session. The machine itself uses pneumatic pressure to extract the individual follicles. This keeps them intact, yielding a better total result.

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This virtually undetectable process means your hair is restored:

  • Without stripping your scalp
  • With no sutures to remove
  • Minimal downtime
  • Dynamic results
  • No long term scar

The Secret Of The Fue 2.0

The procedure is a minimally invasive method of hair transplantation where the hair follicles themselves are extracted and transplanted by a special high tech machine. The previous method required surgical removal of an entire strip of tissue containing hair follicles from the patient’s head. It was actually painful and left a scar. There was also significant downtime after surgery. The new NeoGraft 2.0 FUE system precisely places each follicle so your hair grows in naturally. It’s really incredible!

Another added bonus of the NeoGraft hair transplant system is that it allows for restoration of hair loss over a larger circumference area. The special machine itself uses pneumatic pressure to extract your individual hair follicles, meaning more grafts can be completed at one time. This process keeps the follicles completely intact and yields beautiful results at the same time.

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Same Day Out-Patient Procedure

When your surgery day arrives, you’ll be given a local anesthesia and mild sedation so that you are very comfortable for the procedure. Your surgery time will depend on how many grafts you’re having. You might find it’s a great time to listen to music or a podcast. Some of our patients even fall asleep! 

Though it’s considered an outpatient procedure, you’ll still need someone to drive you home after your surgery. You’ll have a set of post-procedure instructions to follow and a series of follow-up appointments to monitor your progress. Since hair loss will still happen after surgery, additional treatments may be the best option for you to achieve your desired amount of coverage.

Beyond The Head – Eyebrow Transplants

If you’ve over plucked your eyebrows or have thinning eyebrows or hair loss in that area, the NeoGraft 2.0 FUE can restore your beautiful brows. In addition to hair transplant procedures, NeoGraft 2.0 FUE is also used to do eyebrow transplants! No scars and precise individual follicle placement can naturally restore your brows to frame your beautiful eyes and give you a refreshing, younger look.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

Ennis Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive, caring and compassionate approach to cosmetic and esthetic intervention.  The clinical staff at Ennis Plastic Surgery take the time to listen to each patient’s needs, concerns and goals.

Board-Certified and artistic with his care, Dr. Ennis can transform you into your best self. Our caring team knows a hair transplant can have a major effect on your outlook and self-impression.

We would enjoy the chance to talk with you further about the ways a hair transplant can work for you. Call us today for a consultation in-office or online.

Dr. L. Scott Ennis, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida.

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