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Neck liposuction is an excellent option to reshape and define the contours of the face and neck through the precise fat removal from areas that can age you or weigh down your appearance. It can reshape certain contours of your face and neck or reduce a full face.

  1. The goal of neck liposuction is to subtly enhance your appearance by removing fat stores, revealing your naturally beautiful facial structure. You will improve the appearance of your face and neck without looking like you had something done. You will still look just like yourself, but you will appear more youthful, toned and slim.
  2. Neck liposuction is done in a way that is very similar to liposuction anywhere else on the body. The difference is that a smaller area is being treated and less fat is removed*. In addition, the surgeon must use instruments that are much smaller and more precise. Typically only a few ounces of fat are removed* from an area, yet the few ounces make a big difference in your appearance.
  3. Neck liposuction is specifically performed in the submental chin, which is found below the jaw. Additionally, the jowls and some areas of the cheeks are appropriate for facial liposuction.

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Neck Liposuction Targets these Areas

Heredity plays a large role in body type and how you accumulate and store fatty deposits. Some people are naturally more predisposed to carry fat cells around the cheeks, necks and jowls even if they have a thin body figure. Just like your legs and abdomen, your face can hold deposits of fat cells that are highly resistant to change. Fatty tissue in the face and neck can be very difficult to deal with, as it can be resistant to diet and exercise.

1. Submental Chin

The Submental chin region includes the area below the jaw, extending to the front of the neck. An inherited collection of fatty tissue in this localized region tends to make you look older, less athletic and chubby. The neck is one area that can age an otherwise youthful face and body appearance. Excess fatty deposits in the neck and under the chin can be removed* very precisely and to great effect, refining and rejuvenating your appearance.

2. Cheeks

When the cheeks carry too much subcutaneous fat, you can look chubby, even if you have a toned body figure. This inherited fatty deposit tends to be resistant to diet and exercise. Chubby cheeks can be reduced through facial liposuction.

3. Jowls

The jowls of your face are the lower cheek area overlying the jaw bone. Fat accumulation here can make a person look much older than they really are, contributing to a sagging looking face. Prominent jowls are a concern for both women and men and both can benefit from facial liposuction.

Neck Liposuction Photos (before & after)

Actual Patients of Dr. Ennis

Neck Liposuction

Neck Liposuction

Neck Liposuction

Neck Liposuction

Neck Liposuction with a Facelift or Eyelid Surgery

Neck and Facial liposuction at Ennis Plastic Surgery is often done at the same time as a facelift or eyelid surgery, for example, completing the desired effect of a more youthful look. It is done with delicate instruments that enable the surgeon to sculpt and contour, bringing out the natural lines of the jaw and leaving youthful volume where it belongs.

Ideal candidates include:

  1. Young patients who still have “baby fat” in and around the neck and jowls, under the chin, or in the cheeks
  2. Patients who want more definition in their neck and face
  3. Slightly overweight patients would like their faces to look leaner and more natural while they are losing body weight
  4. Patients who have lost considerable weight but who still have persistent fatty deposits in the face and neck

The Procedure: Neck and Facial Liposuction

Your surgeon, Dr. Scott Ennis will create an appropriate incision for the area to be treated. To remove* fatty deposits in the neck and chin, an incision is made in a natural crease under the chin. If working on the cheeks, Dr. Ennis will make small incisions inside the mouth.

Through the incision, the surgeon inserts a thin tube (cannula) which is moved back and forth to break up the fatty tissue. Fat is removed* through these tubes as Dr. Ennis skillfully moves the tube to strategically contour and shape your face. Because the incisions are made inside the mouth or below the chin, scars are of little to no concern. Fatty tissue is vacuumed out and completely removed* from your face. In addition, if needed, facial muscles can be tightened and any excess or loose skin will be removed*.

Watch Dr. Ennis in the Operating Room

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What to expect from Face & Neck Lipo

Your journey will begin with an individualized consultation, where you will discuss your concerns, goals and desired outcomes. Dr. Scott Ennis, renowned facial cosmetic surgeon, will explain the procedure and answer your questions and concerns. It is important that you verbalize all of your concerns and wishes so that your desires are in line with Dr. Ennis’ surgical plan.

Facial liposuction takes about an hour and is typically performed using local anesthesia with sedation, or under general anesthesia if it is combined with other procedures. Recovery from a facial liposuction will depend on whether the procedure was performed by itself or in compliment to another facial procedure, such as a facelift, brow lift or other surgery. You should expect some swelling and bruising to the areas that were treated. Bruising varies from person to person, but it typically lasts 7-10 days. You will wear a compression garment for several days to reduce swelling and protect the treated areas. You will likely experience some mild discomfort that can be controlled with pain medication. You will need to avoid any strenuous activities to allow your body to heal. Most people can return to work and normal activities within one week.

Neck Lipo Results

The results of facial liposuction are immediate, as the fatty deposits have been removed* from the body. The appearance of your refined facial features will improve as swelling resolves. You should be able to enjoy your new look for a very long time, particularly when a consistent skincare regimen is practiced coupled with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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Complementing Procedures for Neck Liposuction at Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

Facial liposuction is an excellent procedure to combine with regenerative skin treatments such as skin resurfacing or tightening. Liposuction does not eliminate facial wrinkles, scars or discoloration. Therefore, after the chin and cheeks have been contoured with liposuction, you may benefit from energy based treatments to address skin tone and texture. At Ennis Plastic Surgery we are proud to offer all of these complementary services within one building and one dedicated medical team.

We are excited to have the opportunity to contribute to that outcome.  If you are interested in discussing how a breast enhancement surgery can impact your physical appearance, please contact us to set up a consultation.

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