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Posted in  Breast   on  June 2, 2016

Breast augmentation recovery is something that all potential patients want to know more about. After all, although breast augmentation is a common and safe procedure, it is still surgery. There is certainly a healing process that must occur, and there are factors that can influence recovery success.

Here, we will take a look at what you should expect during your breast augmentation healing process.

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Day by Day Breast Augmentation Recovery

Below lists a standard breast augmentation recover process timeline. The actual timeline will vary depending on the patient, type of breast augmentation performed and how well the patient follows the surgeons post operative recovery instructions.

Days 1-5 Post Breast Aug

During the first few days following surgery, you should expect to experience the most pain and swelling. It is normal during this time to have some bruising and water retention. You are at the highest risk for bleeding during the first 24-hours. Be sure to follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to arm movement.

Take prescribed medication to help reduce pain and prolong comfort. You should limit your activity and focus primarily on resting your body.

Days 5-10 Post Breast Aug

At this point, you should be able to shower and move your arms naturally. Be careful not to allow your wounds to remain wet for an extended period of time. You should begin to massage the breasts to promote proper healing. Pain should be manageable, and you should be able to go longer periods of time between doses.

You should pay close attention to your body to make sure that there is no bleeding or infection. Consult with your doctor if you indicate either.

Days 11-21 Post Breast Aug

You should be able to resume normal activity, but be careful not to perform resistance exercises that involve your arms or chest. Infection during this phase is not likely, but report any changes to your physician. Pain may still occur occasionally.

Days 22-42 Post Breast Aug

You should be feeling yourself by most accounts. You should be able to take over-the-counter medication to help with any discomfort. You will most likely be ready to perform more strenuous exercises, but be careful to start out slowly and gradually increase over time.

Day 42-on Post Breast Aug

The last bit of swelling should be subsided. The breast implant will now have a softer and more natural appearance without the inflammation. This is the time that the actual size of the implant will be visible (it will appear much larger during the period of high swelling). Patients should keep this in mind while they choose their implant size.

Remember, each person will heal at a different rate and speed. This is only a loose guideline for what a person should expect as they go through the process. However, infection, bleeding and prolong swelling are the things you should stay most aware of. Consult your physician with any follow-up questions or if your body shows signs of hazardous change.

What Influences Breast Augmentation Recovery?

Recovery is as unique as the person who is going through it. Some things you can control, while other aspects you simply can’t. However, the following are some things that may impact healing time.

Pain Management

It is important to take the prescribed medication to help curb pain. Not only will it help you stay more comfortable, but it will also promote a faster healing time.

Size and Placement

A larger implant placed below the muscle may lead to more pain. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t get the size and placement that you prefer. You should simply be aware that the type of procedure that you have could mean a longer recovery process.


Smoking is overall bad for your health, but can also make for a slower recovery time. Ideally, you should quit smoking altogether, but definitely at least for the first few days of recovery.

Taking Advice

Be sure only to participate in activity that is guided by your doctor. Do not overwork your muscles or stress your body during the early days of healing. Focus on taking it slow and allowing yourself to ease into regular activity.

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

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