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The trans-axillary approach to breast augmentation with gummy bear silicone implants (highly cohesive ) is considered one of the best options because it offers several advantages over traditional techniques. Dr Scott Ennis at Ennis Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton, Florida specializes in this technique. 

1. Minimally invasive: 

The trans-axillary breast augmentation approach involves making a small incision in the crease of the under arm so there is no scar on the breast, which is less invasive than traditional techniques that require a larger more visible incision.

2. Reduced scarring:

Because the incision is smaller, there is less scarring and a faster recovery time. The Incision is hidden in the small crease of the under arm so there is no scar on the breast. 

3. Better implant placement:

The trans-axillary approach allows for better control of implant placement, as it is done through a small incision using high-definition cameras so the pocket is easily visualized on large monitor in the operating room which results in a more precise placement and natural-looking result.

4. Versatility:

The trans-axillary approach can be used for both submuscular and subglandular placement, and can be used to place multiple types of implants which gives the surgeon more options to achieve the desired outcome.

5. Implant choice:

Gummy bear highly cohesive silicone implants are a great choice for this technique as they support the upper pole very well and still have a natural feel. They are less likely to ripple and have a lower chance of complications such as leakage.

6. Customization:

By using this approach, the surgeon can customize the implant size, shape and position of the implant to achieve the best results for the patient.

It's important to note that every patient is different and the best option for one person may not be the best for another. Consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is necessary to determine what is the best option for you.

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