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About The NeoGraft Difference with Dr. Ennis.

Deciding to take action about your hair loss can be a very emotional decision. Let the double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ennis from the Ennis Plastic Surgery put you at ease through a revolutionary new procedure; NeoGraft.

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The Hair Transplant Decision

Deciding to get a hair transplant can be a difficult choice, which is why speaking with a knowledgeable doctor like Dr. Ennis is important. Older procedures like strip grafting can leave unsightly scars with longer healing times. Dr. Ennis offers NeoGraft FUE, a new and cutting edge procedure that is the only FDA approved follicular unit harvesting and implantation procedure.

Dr. Ennis’ experience with NeoGraft hair transplants has produced great results that you may view by clicking on this link NeoGraft Before & After Photos. As a patient of Dr. Ennis, you are given unprecedented access to a real expert. Trust a surgeon with years of experience, professional accreditation and a history of success.

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Minimally Invasive Grafting

NeoGraft is a procedure that allows Dr. Ennis to remove each follicle, one at a time from the graft section, generally the back of your head. By removing each follicle individually it allows for up to a 10% collection from the back of your head without the strip scarring of most other procedures. These individual follicles are collected with a needle and vacuum that allows fast and easy collection. With a collection tool that only creates a 0.8 mm graft the procedure does not require anesthesia, is virtually pain free and leaves no linear scar.

Where you Need it most

In this way the NeoGraft procedure takes a wide collection of follicles from the back of your head without the strip scarring and lets you get back to normal activities almost immediately; as the much smaller grafts mostly heal within days of collection. By implanting approximately 2000 follicles at a time to the most needed area, it can make a real difference in your appearance from only one session.

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The NeoGraft Procedure

By taking grafts from the back of your head, where it is testosterone resistant, the chemical responsible for the thinning and loss, it provides healthy follicles for where you need it most. Dr. Ennis uses his expertise during the 3 to 8 hour procedure to ensure that every follicle is similar in length and consistency to ensure your body accepts the transplanted follicles. Most patients feel at most a little discomfort, but many feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure. Although the procedure itself takes a little longer than strip grafting, its results are more uniform without strip-scars or pain.

NeoGraft Hair Transplant Results

By combining these two procedures, Dr. Ennis provides a hair replacement option that gets results in a shorter amount of time than other procedures, that is much less invasive and provides for a much quicker healing time period. Within a week of NeoGraft the follicle collection points are healed and you can get back to normal activity. With strip collecting your stitches take up to 14 days to heal and the soreness in the area persists for even longer.

This procedure, by Dr. Ennis gives you a painless, no linear scar and fast-healing way to get a full head of hair and your confidence back. Contact Dr. Ennis today for your consultation for men or women.

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FDA Approved NeoGraft

The FDA-cleared NeoGraft system automates the surgical removal, collection, and placement of individual hair follicles, one at a time. This is dramatically different from the traditional strip method or linear harvest FUT – follicular unit transplant.  The targeted removal of individual hair follicles is a microsurgical procedure that has been available for several years, but until now has been too time-consuming and costly for many patients. NeoGraft is the only follicular unit harvesting system on the market today, using the power of advanced technology work for you and your natural results.

The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

NeoGraft FUE is the gold standard in minimally-invasive hair restoration. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. And that’s exactly what is does. A specially trained technician uses the NeoGraft device to extract individual hair follicles from the patient’s head. This area is selected by the surgeon as a proper donor site.

NeoGraft® FUE method: automated follicular extraction.
A medical device uses pneumatic pressure to extract the follicles and precisely implant them. The device is used by a specialized surgeon and experienced team of technicians who restore your natural hairline and coverage. The medical device is capable of removing whole hair follicles much faster and with less damage than by hand, making the resulting implants strong and healthy.

All hair restoration procedures at Ennis Plastic Surgery are performed by certified NeoGraft technicians personally selected by our medical director and plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Ennis.

If you are interested in discussing how NeoGraft can impact your physical appearance, please contact us to set up a consultation.

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