Male Body Lift

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Body contouring surgery is a great remedy to get rid of excess skin after gastric bypass surgery.  Men care about how they look and how they feel. Men who have successfully shed a significant amount of weight did so because they made a conscious decision to live better, successfully completed a medical plan to do this and are now living a healthier life to maintain this new level of well-being.

The problem is that loose skin is a common result of major weight loss following gastric bypass surgery. A surgical body lift is a real solution that can restore natural body contours by removing excess skin and strengthening underlying soft tissues.

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Male Body Lift Recovery

It is major surgery that requires 2-3 weeks of very restful downtime, but it can be transforming for body and mind!

Results from Male Body Lift

Body contouring surgery is an extension of the abdominoplasty but goes a few steps further, strengthening and lifting soft tissues in the midsection, thighs and buttocks and removing excess skin in all these areas. The incision follows the natural waist and affords proper access to achieve the best results.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to your journey of personal improvement and renewed shape. We promote unparalleled dedication to client safety and comfort. Your body contouring surgery is performed in a surgical grade operating room, and you are provided the most up-to-date anesthetic options. During and after your procedure, our clinical staff will monitor your recovery for physiologic body function, reduced discomfort, and appropriate healing. You can be assured that our medical team will provide expert clinical technique with compassionate care.

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