Cable Lift for Men

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cable lift for men is perhaps one of the most popular procedures for men looking for facial rejuvenation that you’ve never heard of.  When men consider cosmetic surgery there are typically two things that rank high on the must-have list: minimal downtime and natural results. Firstly, men aren’t generally known for openly discussing the latest in aesthetic enhancements. Secondly, men are generally less willing to spend a lot of time recovering, so are more likely to favor less invasive procedures. Now you see why the cable lift is such a popular secret!

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The cable lift is ideal for correcting nasolabial folds, expression lines and enhancing the shape of the face, cheeks and neck. The results are outstanding, with youthful lifting and tightening in just the right places without extensive surgery. The procedure uses suspension sutures that attach to tissues in the lower cheek and jowls. Non-absorbable threads pull from the anchor points diagonally upward to the temporal region of the head just beyond the hairline. The subtle tension creates lift and youthful shaping of the cheeks and jowls.

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What to Expect During a Cable Lift Procedure

The cable lift at The Ennis Plastic Surgery is performed with local anesthesia in one hour, without hospitalization. Quick recovery enables the patient to go back to normal activities within two days and after two weeks the face has returned to its soft and natural appearance. Only you will know your secret turning back time and the youthful results will leave you looking like a well-rested, ready-for-anything you, no matter how many birthdays have come and gone.

The cable lift for men can be combined with eyelid surgery for a more complete refreshed result. Patients considering have a cable lift should also consider having a HydraFacial before the procedure to fully cleanse and hydrate the skin and then establish a good skincare regimen that includes regular facials and peelsinjectables and topical products to keep that fresh face looking its best!

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to your journey of personal improvement and renewed shape. We promote unparalleled dedication to client safety and comfort. Your cable lift procedure is performed in a surgical grade operating room, and you are provided the most up-to-date anesthetic options. During and after your procedure, our clinical staff will monitor your recovery for physiologic body function, reduced discomfort, and appropriate healing. You can be assured that our medical team will provide expert clinical technique with compassionate care.

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