Medical Concierge

Boca Raton, Palm Beach Florida

Ennis Plastic Surgery’s concierge service is your passport to the very best.

We know that your decision to have a cosmetic procedure is personal, but preparation and post-operative care will most likely include family members or friends. You may travel to Boca Raton, FL and Ennis Plastic Surgery expressly for this treatment. Your life cannot just stop on a dime, and it doesn’t have to. We’ve got you covered, with everything to make your trip and stay, preparation and recovery, smooth sailing – for you and the people taking care of you.

Our concierge will arrange for:

• Accommodations at luxury resorts in Boca Raton

•Luxury transportation and driver

• Private VIP entrance

• Entertainment/sporting event tickets

• Post-operative nursing care

• Personal Assistant

• Domestic Aid

• Private Chef/food shopping and preparation

• Personal Shopper

Ennis Plastic Surgery is located i Boca Raton, FL. There’s something special about taking an elevator instead of a car ride to begin healing following a procedure to enhance your appearance and your life. There’s something comforting about having access to around-the-clock nursing care in your private suite. It’s wonderful knowing that your family can be with you, but free to take advantage of the vibrant city and white sand beaches that are right outside, allowing you to get the rest you need.

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