Full Body Lift

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A post obesity surgery full body lift is truly transformational surgery. After achieving such an important goal, often the victory is not as sweet because the body shape is not fully restored to match the accomplishment. Loose skin can cause physical limitations and emotional challenges. No matter how toned your muscles have become through your weight loss journey, the loose skin keeps your true body shape hidden and can still prevent you from fully embracing your healthier new life.

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A lower body lift is the final step in your journey through significant weight loss to a better life. It finishes the process and rewards the body and spirit with a shape that is true to the important changes that have occurred and reflect the renewed commitment to health and well-being. The procedure itself is an extension of a tummy tuck so the abdominal wall is strengthened and excess skin removed, but includes lifting and tightening soft tissues of the thighs and buttocks as well.

What to Expect with a Full Body or Lower Body Lift

The post obesity surgery body lift takes 5-6 hours and requires 2-3 weeks of very restful recovery. Most patients can resume a normal amount of routine activity 4-6 weeks after surgery. There is a permanent* scar but it fades over time and is easily concealed by a waistband.

In addition to a body lift, successful weight loss patients may also benefit from additional procedures to perfect areas like the arms, face, and breasts which are also impacted by significant weight loss.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

Ennis Plastic Surgery in Palm Beach offers a comprehensive, caring and compassionate approach to cosmetic and esthetic intervention. We understand what an impact a full body lift procedure can have on a patient’s outlook and self-impression.

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