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The silhouette cable lift offers patients an option for restoring lower facial tone, with a technique that is less invasive than a facelift, but more powerful than topical treatments. The silhouette cable lift delivers natural results, with minimal downtime. The procedure creates a youthful profile, defining the facial structure of the lower face and leaving the patient feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

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When may you need a Silhouette Lift

Patients who are seeking the facial rejuvenation of a facelift but are not ready to undergo a facelift surgery, are excellent candidates for the cable lift procedure. The silhouette cable lift focuses on specific trouble spots, like sagging cheeks and jowls. The results cannot be achieved with topical or injectable treatments alone. It is an effective treatment for both men and women alike.

One of the first areas of noticeable aging unfortunately occurs on the face.  The muscles and skin of the cheeks, neck and jawline can lose elasticity, firmness and tone. This can lead to sagging and drooping of the lower face, making individuals appear tired or unhappy. A silhouette cable lift is intended to combat the early signs of aging of the lower face. It is meant to lift the skin and tissue in order to create a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

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The silhouette cable lift is intended to deliver facial rejuvenation by:

  1. Correcting nasolabial folds
  2. Targeting expression lines
  3. Enhancing the facial shape
  4. Enhancing the contours of the cheeks
  5. Enhancing the neck profile
  6. Tightening the skin and underlying tissues

The silhouette cable lift delivers outstanding results, providing the patient with youthful lifting and tightening of just the right places.

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The Silhouette Lift Procedure

The relatively quick procedure is performed in only one hour. The surgeon first inserts the threads through a micro-incision point along the temporal region, in the hairline. The temporal region is the area of the face above the cheeks and ears and next to the eyes. Then, suspension sutures are attached to the cheeks, nasolabial tissues, and jowls. The surgeon uses non-absorbable threads to pull from the anchor points in an upward and diagonal fashion, toward the temporal region of the head. The subtle tension, lifts and defines the lower cheeks and jowls.

The non-absorbable sutures have hand-tied knots, which serve as anchors for which newly formed collagen can grow. They have small cones which anchor into deep tissues, creating an appropriate tension to lift sagging tissue. The sutures are made of polypropylene, which is a biocompatible material used in cardiovascular and eye surgeries for many years. This innovative material has been shown to deliver consistent results with minimal allergic reaction.

When the surgeon pulls the threads, he is able to create a naturally elevated and smoother facial anatomy. Additionally, the sutures are placed in a manner that leaves the patient with virtually no visible scarring.

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What to Expect

All surgical procedures begin with an individualized consultation, in which the patient can discuss his or her desired outcomes and current concerns. For many individuals, dissatisfaction with facial changes related to aging leads to an immediate desire for a facelift surgery. Many of these patients are pleased to learn of a less invasive approach in the form of the silhouette cable lift.

The cosmetic surgeon will thoroughly analyze the facial structure of each patient and determine which cosmetic intervention is best suited to address the patient’s needs and achieve the desired results. The surgeon strives to develop a treatment approach in which the patient feels comfortable and confident.

Local Anesthesia with Silhouette Cable Lift

The silhouette cable lift is performed with local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort. Because the procedure is performed with local anesthesia, instead of general anesthesia, the patient has a quicker and smoother recovery. The procedure takes only approximately one hour to complete and does not require an overnight stay. Some patients may experience minor pain, swelling and bruising to the surgical sites. This can be controlled with pain medication and rest.

Silhouette Cable Recovery

The silhouette cable lift allows for a quick recovery, as patients are able to return to their normal activities within two days of the procedure. Additionally, after two weeks, the face will return to a softened and natural appearance. The only difference is that the softened and natural appearance has better facial contours, better tone and a more youthful profile. The results of the silhouette cable lift last up to 3-4 years. So, it is a great option for those with early aging signs but are not ready for a traditional facelift.

Silhouette Cable Results

For some individuals, the silhouette cable lift is sufficient in restoring the youthful vitality of the face. However, other individuals may choose to enhance their results by undergoing additional minimally invasive procedures. This procedure can be combined with fillers, injectables and facial liposuction for an overall facial rejuvenation. A thorough consultation with the qualified cosmetic surgical team allows each patient to determine which treatment approach is best suited for his or her needs.

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Silhouette Cable Lift Summary

The silhouette cable lift offers natural results with minimal downtime resulting in a youthful profile with a defined facial structure. Many patients who are looking for rejuvenation but are not quite ready for a facelift surgery are often excellent candidates for this procedure. Because it targets specific trouble areas like jowls and sagging cheeks, the silhouette cable lift offers heavy lifting without the downtime of other surgical options but the results that cannot be achieved through topical treatments alone.

The silhouette cable lift is ideal for correcting nasolabial folds, expression lines and enhancing the shape of the face, cheeks and neck. The results are outstanding, with youthful lifting and tightening in just the right places without extensive surgery. The procedure uses suspension sutures that attach to tissues in the lower cheek and jowls. Non-absorbable threads pull from the anchor points diagonally upward to the temporal region of the head just beyond the hairline. The subtle tension creates lift and youthful shaping of the cheeks and jowls.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, you can feel confident in the surgical skill and experience of our facial plastic surgical team. It takes a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to deliver the delicate and artful results of a successful facial surgical procedure. That is why Ennis Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the renowned surgical care of Dr. Scott Ennis for facial plastic surgeries. Dr. L. Scott Ennis is a prominent and respected plastic surgeon, who is known for delivering unparalleled patient satisfaction due to his naturally beautiful outcomes. He is an authority in his field, with advanced training in endoscopic facial plastic surgery and minimally invasive procedures for the face.

If you are concerned about how your face has changed due to aging and are curious about options for restoring your facial glow, please do not hesitate to set up an individualized consultation today. You may be surprised how easily you can improve your youthful facial profile in a simple and effective procedure. Please view the before and after photos for real life examples of how the silhouette cable lift can subtly but noticeably enhance the youthful contours of the face!

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