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Imagine having beautiful curves and contours around your midsection and thighs without the need for invasive surgery. Sound too good to be true? UltraShape Body Contouring is a truly unique and technologically advanced treatment for destroying fat cells and giving you the shape you desire, without surgery.

Exercise and proper nutrition are essential factors for a lean and healthy body. However, genetics also play a role in your body shape and fat distribution. If your genetics predispose you to carry fat deposits in your midsection or around your buttocks and hips, it can be very difficult to remove those fat stores through diet and exercise alone. That’s where UltraShape can be your go-to treatment, to sculpt and finesse, finally targeting your trouble spots for good!

What is Ultrashape

UltraShape gets its name from the ultrasound waves it uses to “shape” your body into a more proportioned, trim silhouette. UltraShape is truly the ultimate treatment for body contouring. Focused ultrasound destroys fat cells and is clinically proven to result in a measurable reduction in waist circumference. Ultrasound energy disrupts subcutaneous adipose (fat) tissue ONLY, not blood vessels or nerves. There’s no bruising, swelling or numbing – all well-known side effects of other fat reduction equipment. Without the adverse side effects, the procedure is incredibly comfortable, proven effective and you can leave your appointment and not skip a beat going about the rest of your day!

Here's how UltraShape works:

  • Ultrasound is actually sound waves and waves have energy
  • The sound waves are tuned to a particular frequency that allows them to penetrate fat cells
  • Surrounding tissues like blood vessels and nerves are left untouched (freezing and light and heat therapies cannot discriminate and that’s where you get bruising and swelling and numbness)
  • Focused waves of ultrasound energy are pulsed into an area, converging on fat cells, destroying them

For some women with adequate breast volume, a breast lift alone can be sufficient for restoring breast shape and contours. For women with a small amount of breast volume, a breast lift with augmentation is an excellent option to restore breast shape. The majority of women with breast sagging and low breast volume require a combination of breast lift and augmentation for optimal results. The implant restores or enhances lost volume and fullness, while the breast lift is done to reshape the breast, removing excess skin and elevating the areola.

Women who choose to have a breast lift with augmentation will have the opportunity to “try on” breast implant sizes using the Vectra 3D imaging system. This advanced technology gives the patient a realistic idea of expected outcomes after a breast augmentation procedure.

It is recommended that women wait to undergo a breast lift until they are done having children. Although a breast lift will not negatively impact a woman’s ability to get pregnant, pregnancy will likely stretch the breasts again and can undo the results of the breast lift procedure.

UltraShape Technology

UltraShape works by ultrasound technology. Ultrasound is a form of sound wave energy used in many medical practices and settings. For this treatment, the sound waves are set to a specified frequency, allowing them to reach and target fat cells. The focused ultrasound waves are pulsed into areas that have stored fat cells. The ultrasound energy targets and destroys the fat cells by mechanically disrupting the fat cell membranes.

Inside the fat cells, fat exists as triglycerides. The triglyceride molecules are made of three fatty acids attached to a glycerol backbone. When the fat cell membrane is disrupted, the triglycerides are released and through natural processes, eventually delivered to the liver. The liver processes the fatty acids in the usual way it would process fatty acids from a meal, eventually turning it into energy.

Since the fat cells are broken down, and then the fatty acids are transported and processed through the liver, you can be confident that the fat cells are removed* from your body after using UltraShape. Because UltraShape is so focused, the surrounding tissues like the skin, blood vessels and nerves are not affected and left untouched. Other therapies like light, heat, and freezing procedures cannot discriminate, which can leave bruising, and numbness.

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UltraShape Treatment

In about 45 minutes your trouble spot is treated and you are off to continue with your day. The best results come from a series of three treatments on the same area. Clinical studies show reductions of about 2 inches can be achieved.

Start with a consultation to be sure you are a good candidate. UltraShape treatments are typically done once every two weeks to allow your body to naturally remove* the destroyed fat between sessions. It is recommended that you have three treatments, spaced two weeks apart for optimal outcomes. Because fat cells are disrupted and destroyed*, you will see long-lasting results without the need for further maintenance treatments. Of course, to prevent the accumulation of new fat cells, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise.

UltraShape treatments are very comfortable and are not associated with soreness or lumps and bumps of fat deposits, which can be a negative side effect of other treatments. UltraShape utilizes 3D mapping during treatments, in order to ensure that the sound waves are delivered uniformly and ensuring contour regularity. For this reason, you can also utilize UltraShape to improve the appearance of unwanted lumps or ridges that were resultant of a surgical liposuction or freezing fat reduction procedure. Measurable results are noticeable after two weeks.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

Ennis Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the UltraShape by Syneron Candela. Syneron Candela is known for his high standards of technologically advanced equipment in order to produce consistent outcomes and results.

Our staff can answer any of your questions and concerns regarding fat cell reduction and body contouring. Please feel free to view the before and after photos for an idea of how UltraShape Body Contouring has helped individuals just like you. If you are ready for smooth contours and a smaller waistline, contact Ennis Plastic Surgery today.

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