Vectra 3D Imaging

Boca Raton, Palm Beach Florida

A perfect fit for today’s aesthetic practice, the VECTRA XT delivers extraordinary performance in the ultimate 3D imaging solution. Six high resolution photos are taken simultaneously and rendered in seconds on the monitor. The finest details of the face or body enable your surgeon to manipulate specific areas, simulating body contouring of the waist or hips, for example using a few clicks of a mouse. Breast augmentation is a real conversation about size and shape and projection and how your body will look with any variety.  Facelifts, nose surgery, chin implants, even brow lifts can be sampled using this technology.

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Experience a Vectra 3d Consultation

Now you can see the potential outcome of your chosen procedure on your face or body during the consultation. Think of it like the ultimate fitting room and your surgeon is making certain you are completely informed and confident in your selection.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to your journey of personal improvement and renewed shape. We promote unparalleled dedication to client safety and comfort.

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