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Deciding to have a breast augmentation surgery is very personal and so is the decision to remove a breast implant. There are times in which a women wants her implants permanently removed, no longer desiring the fullness of the breast profile that the implant provides. Other times, the patient may have experienced complications with the breast implant, making it medically necessary for breast implant removal.

Breast implants are not intended to be lifelong medical devices. Therefore, at some point in life, patients may need to undergo a secondary breast surgery after augmentation.

About Breast Implant Removal with Dr. Ennis

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Reasons for removing a breast implant are many and include:

  1. Removal of implants due to dissatisfaction with the augmentation, which can be related to the shape, size or projection of the breast
  2. Removal of implants due to patient choice. This can include a desire to return to a smaller bust size, or a desire to allow the breasts to age more naturally
  3. Removal of implants during and after pregnancy, in order to accommodate for the natural increase in breast size as well as potentially allow for breastfeeding
  4. Removal of implants due to breast cancer treatment
  5. Removal of implants due to capsular contraction, which is a condition in which thickened scar tissue forms around the implant, creating a hardened implant that lacks natural movement
  6. Removal of implants due to rupture or leaking, which can occur with either silicone or saline implants
  7. Removal of implants due to implant malposition (bottoming out) in which the implant drops too low from the implant pocket

Breast Implant Removal Photos (before & after)

Actual Patients of Dr. Ennis

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Breast Implant removal, actual patient of Dr. L. Scott Ennis.

Types of Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal not only decreases the volume of the breast, but it also removes underlying support for the breast skin. This can lead to a deflated, empty mass of skin. Sagging is a result of too little volume and too much skin. The amount of breast sagging is entirely individual, depending on the size of the implant removed and the elasticity of the overlying breast skin. Breast sagging (breast ptosis) is a naturally occurring anatomical phenomena, so does not always require surgical correction.

The patient may choose to leave their breasts alone and accept the breast tissue as part of the natural aging process. This is a choice that is very individual and should be discussed with the plastic surgeon.

Exchanging/Replacing Saline Implants

Most often a patient seeks replacing saline breast implants because the patient is unhappy with a rippling effect on one or both breasts, where the implant shell can be easily felt beneath the skin. This most often occurs when the saline implant was placed subglandularly, under the breast tissue and not submuscularly or beneath the pectoralis major. The saline implants can be removed and exchanged most often in one surgical session. The exact placement, size and shape and material of the implants will be determined during your consultation as you discuss your options and desired results with your surgeon.

Exchanging Saline for Silicone

Patients who had saline implants in the past may opt to exchange their implants for silicone implants as a matter of personal choice, or perhaps silicone implants were not a suitable options at the time of the previous surgery. You have options in implants shape and sizes and the placement of the implants, all discussed and agreed to with your surgeon during your consultation.

Breast Implant Exchange Saline to Silicone to Prevent Rippling (before & after)

Actual Patients of Dr. Ennis

Saline Rippling to Silicone Breast implant exchange

Saline Rippling to Silicone Breast implant exchange

Saline Breast implant was causing rippling and patient wanted to exchange from Saline to silicone gel to correct rippling. Note the rippling is gone with silicone implants in the bottom row

Saline to Silicone Breast implant Rippling exchange

Saline to Silicone Breast implant Rippling exchange

Saline Breast implant was causing rippling and patient wanted to exchange from Saline to silicone gel to correct rippling. Note the rippling is gone with silicone implants in the bottom row

Exchange due to Correct Malposition or Bottoming Out

Malposition or bottoming out happens when an implant drops and thereby makes the nipple appear to sit too high on the breast. This may not require the removal or exchange of the breast implant, but may be corrected by shortening the distance between the nipple and base of the breast, restoring proportion. Your surgeon will also examine why the implant has dropped and advise on appropriate action.

Correction of Double Bubble Deformity

Actual Patients of Dr. Ennis

Breast implant correction of double bubble

Breast implant correction of double bubble

Breast Implant Capsullhorphy for correction of double bubble deformity (covered)

Exchange due to Capsular Contracture

Scar tissue around the implant is also called capsular contracture. Very often the scar tissue causes pressure on the implant making it feel hard and this can cause discomfort and impact the look of the breast or breasts. Implants placed below the breast tissue, subglandular, are more likely to be affected by this condition. In most cases removing the implant is indicated and where appropriate, replacing the implant is an option.

About Capsular Contracture? Q&A with Dr. Ennis

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The Breast Implant Removal Options

There are several options for breast implant removal surgery, depending on the patient’s anatomy and desired outcomes. Options for breast implant removal include: removal with implant replacement, removal with a breast lift, or implant removal only.

1. Breast implant removal with implant replacement.

Many women choose to remove an existing implant and replace it with a new breast implant. This is commonly performed for patients who have had complications with their breast implant but still want the fullness of a breast augmentation. Additionally, many patients chose to undergo breast implant removal with replacement when wanting to create a fuller projection with a larger implant or a smaller projection with a smaller implant. More information can be found regarding breast implant exchange click here.

2. Breast implant removal with a breast lift.

Depending on how large the implants are, the breast tissue and overlying skin may be stretched out, lacking the needed elasticity for a firm shape. Sometimes a breast lift is indicated to remove the loose skin and sagging breast tissue after implant removal. Removing large breast implants form small breasts with loose skin that has poor elasticity will more likely require a breast lift than removing a small implant from larger breasts with firm skin.

During this procedure, the surgeon will surgically remove the breast implant and then perform a breast lift. The breast lift will remove excess skin and breast tissue, and surgically support the breast in a manner than creates a round and pleasing shape.

3. Breast implant removal only.

Some women choose to have an implant removal without an additional surgical intervention. In general, removing smaller breast implants from larger breasts that have firm skin, will not necessarily require a breast lift. Additionally, women who have larger implants removed may not choose to have a lift or further alteration, choosing to allow their breasts to appear as they would be aging naturally.

VIDEO: Silent Breast Implant Rupture Discovered during En Bloc Explant

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Experience a Breast Consultation with Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ennis

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At Ennis Plastic Surgery, our cosmetic surgeons understand the complexities of breast surgery, with extensive training and expertise in breast implant removal. This technical skill and careful attention to detail is what delivers beautiful looking breasts, even after breast implants have been removed.

About the Breast Implant Removal Producedure

The procedure for removing breast implants is technically simpler than the original breast augmentation surgery. When removing the breast implant, the surgeon will create a small incision along the lower breast crease, beneath the breast. The implant will be removed through this incision. If there is any thick or hardened scar tissue, the surgeon will also remove this during the same time. For saline implants, an incision can be made around the areola. The saline implant can be deflated and then removed through this small incision.

Typically, the implant removal surgery only takes approximately one hour to complete. After the implant is removed, the surgeon will either close the incisions or continue with the additional surgeries of implant replacement or breast lift, depending on the treatment plan.

The surgeon aims to utilize the same incisions to complete all aspects of the breast surgery in order to reduce scarring. The breasts are bandaged and drain tubes may be put into place. The recovery will take anywhere from 2-6 weeks, depending on which procedures were performed. The patient should avoid heavy lifting activities during the recovery phase, in order to allow the breasts to heal and the swelling to subside.

Some women choose to undergo breast implant removal as a two part process. First, the surgeon removes the breast implants and allows time for breast healing. After 6-12 months, the shape and appearance of the breasts can be reevaluated by the patient and the surgeon. At that time, the patient and surgeon can decide whether or not to pursue a second surgery in the form of a breast lift or an additional breast augmentation with implant placement.

For patients with saline breast implants, there is a unique opportunity to see what the breasts may look like after removal, while in the office. The saline implants can be deflated with a local anesthetic and a needle syringe. The surgeon can deflate the implant in the office, allowing the patient and surgeon to preview the shape and presentation of the breast before removal.

This may help to determine whether or not a breast implant is indicated. Of course the implant must be removed and cannot remain deflated in the breast. If the deflated implant is left in place too long, it can fold, erode and break through the skin. This preview is done right before surgery, so as not to risk infection.

Breast implants are not lifelong devices. It is quite likely that if you have had breast augmentation surgery with breast implants you will need an additional breast implant correction surgery at some point in your future.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

Ennis Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the experienced surgical skills of Dr. L. Scott Ennis for breast implant removal surgeries. He is a world renowned in the cosmetic surgery field and highly respected amongst patients and professionals alike. Dr. Ennis specializes in complex breast surgeries and reconstructive surgeries. He is the founder of the Breast Enhancement Centers of America, which is a leading organization dedicated to the technical and surgical advancement of the field of cosmetic surgery.

If you are not satisfied with your breasts and are considering a breast implant removal, it is important to consult with a experienced and skilled cosmetic surgeon like Dr.Ennis. Please do not hesitate to set up an individualized consultation. You may be surprised to learn how a breast implant removal can answer your concerns.

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