Drainless Tummy Tuck

September 7

Dr. Ennis is pleased to offer an innovative surgical technique that can eradicate the need for surgical drains in tummy tuck procedures!

Top things to know about tummy tuck drains:

  1. Surgical Drains are typically inserted post-operatively to prevent fluid from accumulating that occurs between tissue layers after surgery. 
  2. Drains have been previously necessary for quite some time and have in the past stayed in as long as two weeks or even longer on occasion.  
  3. Drains can be messy and awkward for patients to carry around for weeks after their procedure and can be very intimidating for their caregivers.
  4. TissuGlu works by strongly adhering the tissue layers together, reducing the space between the layers where fluid may collect, thus allowing for a drainless tummy tuck.
  5. The drainless technique using TissuGlu gives our patients a recovery that is free from the concerns the patient or caregivers might have about the aftercare of drains.

View Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos

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Actual Patient: Drainless Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck

Whatever the reason for abdominal dissatisfaction, Dr. Ennis is pleased to offer a tummy tuck surgery without drains to improve physical appearance and post-operative comfort.

Causes: Why do you need a tummy tuck?

Tummy tucks remove loose or sagging soft tissues in the midsection stomach area. This loose and sagging skin may be caused by:

1. Aging

Age related issues include loss of elasticity in the skin, which leaves a sagging and deflated look. Overtime, skin can develop stretch marks, discolorations and laxity.

2. Heredity

Some individuals naturally have a “softer” abdominal region due to heredity, carrying more fat cells in the midsection and having less muscle definition. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to tighten up the midsection if one is naturally predisposed to carry weight there.

3. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, rapid stretching of the abdominal wall, skin and musculature leaves loose, sagging skin with or without stretch marks. In addition, to accommodate the size of the growing baby, the abdominal muscles are stretched and often times separated.

This separation and splitting of the muscles experienced during pregnancy is called a diastasis. 

This leaves poorly defined abdominal musculature after delivery and can lead to what many call their “pouch”. Excess skin tissue with poor elasticity contributes to a soft and sagging midsection which can be hard to hide in clothes and especially in bathing suits.

4. Weight fluctuations and weight loss

Weight fluctuations and significant weight loss causes the abdominal skin to stretch and sag due to a loss of elasticity. Some people have worked very hard to lose a lot of weight, but are disappointed in their results, due to excessive hanging skin and poorly defined abdominal musculature. This is especially common in women whose stomachs are designed to be pregnant and inherently have poor elasticity.


47yo female with abdominoplasty and lipo of hips-

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Are you a candidate for drainless abdominoplasty?

The ideal candidate for a tummy tuck procedure includes individuals who desire:

  • Removal of excess, sagging or hanging skin
  • Tightening of the abdominal musculature
  • Reduction of waist circumference
  • Increased self confidence in tighter fitting clothes or bathing suits
  • Improved appearance of the midsection after significant weight loss or after pregnancy

How to get started with a tummy tuck:

The tummy tuck begins with a thorough consultation with the plastic surgeon in which patients have the opportunity to discuss questions, concerns and expected outcomes.

Tummy Tuck Post-Pregnancy & Weightloss

One should note that individuals who are planning future pregnancies or expecting substantial weight loss, would be wise to postpone the procedure until they have completed their pregnancies or come close to achieving their goal weight. Since we are tightening up the skin and the muscles, it is advised that a tummy tuck procedure be performed after all pregnancies are completed and after weight loss has already been achieved.

Tummy Tuck for Stretch Marks

Additionally, a tummy tuck will not remove individual stretch marks. However, if the area of skin to be removed is covered in stretch marks, then these stretch marks maybe removed* along with that area of skin.

Typically, the majority of the skin between the belly button and the hair line is removed.

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Before and After Ennis Plastic Surgery Palm Beach Boca Raton Destin Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Abdominoplasty, Brazilian Butt Lift harvested from Hips and Thighs

The Tummy Tuck Surgery Process

1. The incision:

The tummy tuck begins with an incision low along the bikini line. Dr. Ennis places his incisions low so that they are easily covered under low cut pants or a low-cut bathing suit.  This incision serves to access and excise soft tissues and tighten the muscles, while being located in a region so that the incision can be easily hidden under clothing, undergarments, or a bathing suit. 

The incision runs horizontally and the length will be determined by the amount of skin that needs to be removed. The larger the person, the longer the incision may be in order to excise more tissue, fat and skin. Regardless, the scar is still very low and well worth the improvement that is achieved. 

2. Tightening of the Muscles and Skin

Once the abdominal skin is lifted, sutures are placed to strengthen and tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. The surgeon creates an internal corset to provide strength and definition to the abdominal wall. Excess, hanging skin is removed completely, eliminating the sagging tissues over the midsection. Then, the skin is pulled down to meet the bikini line incision and sutures are placed for a tightened and toned look.

3. The Belly Button

It is often necessary to reposition the belly button, so that the abdominal proportions are maintained. This is your same belly button but a new opening for the belly button is created and the belly button is brought out through a new position in the skin and sutured into position. If the shape of the belly button has been altered (something that often happens after pregnancy), the surgeon will correct for a more pleasing and youthful appearance.

Dr Ennis takes pride in the appearance of his tummy tuck belly buttons as they look very nice and youthful and avoids the obvious tummy tuck looking belly button that can be unsightly and make it obvious that someone has had a tummy tuck. 

How much time does a tummy tuck take?

Generally, a tummy tuck procedure takes 2-4 hours to complete depending on whether or not liposuction is being done in the same setting. The patient is placed under general anesthesia to ensure patient comfort and safety throughout the procedure. Bandages and gauze dressings will be applied over the incisions to protect healing.

In addition, oftentimes patients are wrapped in elastic bandages or compression garments to decrease swelling and provide support for the abdominal musculature as they heal.

Drainless tummy tuck recovery

After your drainless tummy tuck, you should expect to wear a compression garment for four to six weeks to help manage swelling and expedite the healing process. Most people are able to return to light daily actives within 1 to 2 weeks after their procedure. As long as your job isn't very physically demanding, you can expect to get back to your normal work schedule around this time as well.

Over the next several weeks, you should begin to notice gradual improvements to your body contours, with your final results being visible in about 6 to 12 weeks. Provided you stick to your healthy diet and exercising habits once you've fully recovered from your drainless tummy tuck, you should be able to enjoy the same great results for years to come. Keep in mind that you do have to maintain it with a routine diet and exercise program.

Although you look much better, the tummy tuck has not changed your metabolism and you have to keep up the exercise to maintain it!

The tummy tuck requires a few weeks of recovery, with ongoing follow-up appointments to monitor healing along the way. Due to the extent of surgery involved in a tummy tuck, pain should be expected for the first several days. The surgical team will provide instruction for medication management and surgical healing.

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Tummy Tuck as a combination procedure.

There are many benefits to working with a board certified plastic surgeon who offers the drainless tummy tuck technique and other body contouring procedures.

Many individuals choose to undergo a tummy tuck in combination with another procedure, such as liposuction or breast surgery as part of a mommy makeover procedure. These options can be discussed with the surgeon during the consultation.  It is often safe to combine something such as liposuction of the back or thighs or maybe a breast augmentation or breast lift.

Combining Liposuction can improve results

First, when this procedure is combined with liposuction, any excess fat and loose skin can be considered and addressed at the same time. 

Shorter and more comfortable recovery process

Another major benefit of a drainless tummy tuck is the recovery process. This process is commonly much less complicated than that of a traditional procedure. With a drainless tummy tuck, you do not have to be concerned with measuring the output of fluid or emptying a drain during your recovery process. For most people, the recovery after a drainless tummy tuck can be shorter than with a traditional tummy tuck as there are not cumbersome drains to work around with clothing or showering.

Is Abdominoplasty safe?

Ask your surgeon what can be SAFELY done as doing too much at one time can significantly increase the risk of potential complications! Trust your surgeon if they say that certain procedures will be too much to do together. Keep in mind, there are certainly surgeons out there that will do just about anything you ask but safety is of utmost importance!

The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

Whatever your reason for undergoing a tummy tuck, the clinical staff of Ennis Plastic Surgery will skillfully and compassionately guide you along the way. Our surgeon has perfected techniques that promote excellent outcomes. All patients receive personal attention and personalized treatment plans for an exceptional experience every step of the way.

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, you can expect first class service and personalized medical attention throughout your surgical journey. We understand that undergoing a major surgery, such as a tummy tuck, can bring about fears and anxiety. Rest assured that our practice is uniquely dedicated to you through each stage of your procedure, from consultation through full recovery.

So, whether you are in Palm Beach, Boca Raton or Miami, Ennis Plastic Surgery values patient privacy, modesty and confidentiality. Please view the before and after photos for an idea of the amazing transformations that a tummy tuck can achieve.

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