Deviated Septum Surgery (Septoplasty)

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A deviated septum can lead to breathing difficulties as well as negatively alter the shape of the nose. A septoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed to correct for a deviated septum. For many individuals, a surgery to correct for both functional abnormalities and nasal shape is best indicated. A septorhinoplasty is a procedure that corrects for a septal deviation as well as cosmetically correcting the shape of the nose.

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, we offer a unique approach to septal deviation, one that combines medicine and art. We offer a solution to the medical conditions associated with a deviated septum, while providing cosmetic surgical skill to improve the aesthetic shape and profile of the nose.

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Anatomy and Deviation of the Nose

The nasal septum is the vertically oriented wall that runs between the nostrils and separates the two nasal passages. It supports the shape of the nose, and is a foundational structure for nasal stability and structure. Additionally, it functions to separate the two nasal passages and direct airflow during breathing. It is made of cartilage in the front and a thin bone in the back.

Deviation of the septum occurs when the cartilage or bone are not straight, resulting in a crooked orientation. The septum may be deviated in several different places, which impacts the appearance and function of the nose. Deviation can occur in many ways. During normal growth and puberty, the septum can bend. Some individuals are born with a deviated septum. One of the most common causes of deviation is due to trauma and injury.

Depending on the extent of deviation, the range of symptoms can be mild to severe. The deviation can partially or even completely close a nasal passage.

Typical symptoms of a deviated septum include:

  1. Breathing difficulties
  2. Snoring
  3. Frequent sinus infections
  4. Sleep apnea
  5. Impaired sense of smell
  6. Nosebleeds
  7. Altered shape of the nose

Treatment of a deviated septum is specific to the type and location of the deviation. If the septum is deviated near the nostrils, it will result in a crooked tip and make the nostrils nonsymmetrical. If the septum has a bend in the body, the nose will appear crooked in the area above the tip. At times a septum may be shifted to once side of the nose, but still remain straight..

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Devitated Septum Surgical Procedure

During the procedure, the patient is given anesthesia to ensure safety and comfort. The entire procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete, depending on the specific patient needs and extent of deviation.

The surgeon creates an incisions inside of the nostrils, which are not visible after surgery. Once the incisions are created, the skin is lifted, to expose the cartilage, bone and other soft tissues beneath. A nasal mucosa, which is a thin layer of soft tissue, lines the septum and nasal passages. The surgeon separates the nasal mucosa from the underlying cartilage and bone. Once the surgeon has access to the septum, he will trim or straighten the bent cartilage surgically.

For a septoplasty, only the septum is corrected. After the septum is straightened and positioned appropriately, the surgeon may elect to sculpt and reshape other aspects of the nose, if a septorhinoplasty is indicated. Then, he replaces the mucosal lining over the cartilage and bone. He re-drapes the skin and closes the incisions. A splint is placed for healing and the nasal passages are lined with a non-adherent gauze.

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What to Expect with Septoplasty

All facial surgeries begin with an individualized consultation, when the patient will have an opportunity to meet with Dr. Scott Ennis. During the consultation, the patient will have an opportunity to discuss his or her concerns and ultimate goals for surgery. The surgeon will conduct an examination of the nose, evaluating the extent of deviation and determine the plan for correction.

Nasal shape and profile will be discussed as well. The surgeon and patient will determine if the best surgical option will be septum correction only, or a combination of cosmetic and functional surgical improvements.

Septoplasty Recovery

After surgery, the patient can expect to have a nasal splint to support the newly aligned septum and protect it during healing. Additionally, the nasal passages will be lined with a non-adherent gauze to control bleeding and further support the nose. The nasal packing is removed in 2 days and the splint will be removed one week after surgery. After the surgery, patients will experience puffiness and bruising around the nose and eyes for several days. Most bruising and swelling will subside within two weeks.

During the recovery period, it is important that patients avoid strenuous activities and exercise in order to ensure proper healing. Because of the bandaging, it can be difficult to see the results of the surgery immediately, but once the splint and bandaging is removed, the results will be visible. Results will continue to improve over the course of several weeks, as the swelling and bruising subside.

The benefits of this surgery are lasting. Once the nose has healed, the patient will no longer have symptoms associated with the deviated septum. Breathing will be easier and congestion should be reduced. Additionally, the shape of those nose will be subtly and beautifully improved.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, you can be confident in the expert surgical skill of our renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Scott Ennis. Dr. Ennis boasts a reputation as an international clinical expert is the field of plastic surgery and skin rejuvenation. He has advanced surgical training in the field of endoscopic plastic surgery and specializes in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Dr. Ennis is known for his expert skill in delivering natural results and subtle improvements in nose surgeries.

This means that our practice holds the highest standards for operational and surgical excellence. Our clinicians and staff value patient privacy, modesty and care.

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