Posted in Face on March 18, 2013

Non-invasive therapies offer patients not quite ready for a facelift procedure an effective option to a more youthful face. Plastic surgeon Dr. L. Scott Ennis says Thermage treatments can be effective in lifting the brow, rejuvenating sagging skin in the neck and jowls and can reduce the appearance of hooding eyelids or fine lines around the lower lids. Thermage is a radio frequency treatment approved as a facelift treatment by the FDA and is becoming more popular among patients who want to look younger without investing a lot of time into recovery.

“This technology yields a natural lift and smoothing effect, taking years off your appearance without the downtime of surgical procedure,” he said. “Anesthesia is not required but we do use a numbing cream to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. The treatments are customized so every patient can achieve his or her individual goals, targeting specific areas for improvement.”

Thermage uses a combination of heat energy to treat deep tissue and cooling to protect the surface of your skin. This dynamic dual approach delivers effective treatment while keeping the process comfortable. Radiofrequency penetrates deep into the dermis, heating the area and remodeling the collagen, plumping and firming for a natural lift that smoothes skin and diminishes lines and wrinkles. A typical session lasts between 45 and 90 minutes. Most patients will notice improvements in a day, but the results keep getting better as your body produces new collagen, essential in younger, more elastic and firmer skin.

“Many patients report seeing improvement immediately and the results keep getting better every week,” said Dr. Ennis. “Thermage is very popular among patients in the late 40s and early 50s; people looking for a more youthful look but not quite ready for facelift surgery.”

Thermage is also gaining popularity among celebrities, especially before red carpet season, when the stars are wanting ageless skin and flawless silhouettes for their designer duds. Delivering it’s skin tightening effects well beyond the face, Thermage can be used all over the body, too.

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Dr. L. Scott Ennis uses his natural talent as a scientist and as an artist to create an individualized treatment plan to address each patient's unique concerns providing natural looking results.

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