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The chin implant is the fastest growing plastic surgery procedure among all major demographics, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. And it’s growing in popularity among people getting nose jobs. This combination provides a double dose of refinement that gives the face balance in the perfect proportions. The chin is a very important part of a person’s profile. An attractive chin on a man or a woman conveys confidence, trustworthiness and vitality.

Chin implants are up 71% from 2010. That’s more than breast implants and liposuction combined. And the procedures are sought by both men and women. It’s no surprise that a growing number of Rhinoplasty patients are also considering chin augmentation.  “When you look at someone, you first look at their eyes, then track down the nose to the mouth,” explained Dr. Ennis, Ennis Plastic Surgery’s Medical Director and plastic surgeon. “Our eyes take in proportion, balance and harmony, noting what is pleasing and what might be out of balance.” When the lower third of the face is noted as “weak”, people naturally see that as a sign of weakness in other things. Right or wrong, this perception can erode confidence and even make us shy away from social interactions, furthering the insult.

From an artistic and aesthetic standpoint, the neckline and jaw line are intimately connected with the chin as it is the end point of the curve that sweeps up from the collar bone. To many, this is the embodiment of sensuality.

The chin augmentation procedure is quite straight-forward and is generally tolerated well by patients undergoing Rhinoplasty at the same time. Recovery for both procedures runs along the same time table, so in less than 2 weeks, your new look and confident outlook will be making social engagements!

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