What Are Gummy Bear Implants and How Did They Get Their Name?

May 23

Gummy bear implants are revolutionary when it comes to plastic surgery options. A breast implant by definition is an artificial device that is used to transform the shape, size and overall appearance of the chest. Breast implant options have evolved over the years giving patients more choices. Previously, people had to cope with options that have caused a certain level of concern regarding appearance and safety.

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However, there is now a different option to choose from. Gummy bear implants have gained a reputation of being cohesive, yet visually organic. Still, as they gain popularity many people ask themselves what is this cutting-edge implant and how is it different from the rest?

History of Breast Implants

Breast Implants are categorized by first to fifth generations with a slightly enhanced implant in each group. The mid-1990’s marks a time for transformation in plastic surgery that created the fifth generation implant. It was at this point that people wanted an answer the issues surrounding implant leakage and migration in the body. This was when the first gummy bear implant was created. Through many case studies, it was concluded that gummy bear implants had a lower rate of rupture and a higher rate of general safety. For many, it seemed to answer many of the current issues in breast augmentation.

The Gummy Bear Implant Name

Usually, when a new material or product is presented in the medical community, it is certain to have a highly scientific name. With that in mind, how did the catchphrase “gummy bear implant” make its debut? Plastic surgeon, Dr. Grant Stevens is credited with coining the term after he cut the implant in half and discovered that it remained stable and retained its shape—much like a gummy bear.

Furthermore, some medical professionals think that the name is a bit misleading. The gel within the implant is not solid, it just sticks together better than other forms of silicone implants. Because the implant is, in fact, not solid, it may still rupture. Please note, an implant rupture is not dangerous or likely, but it can still occur with gummy bear implants.

Don’t expect to see the slogan on a manufacturer’s label or FDA report. While the nickname caught fire for the general public, some medical professionals believe comparing the implant to a candy trivializes its purpose.

Gummy Bear Implants vs. Saline or Silicone

Even with the guidance of a knowledgeable plastic surgeon, it can be overwhelming for a patient to choose the type of implant that they want in their body. Especially when one of the options is not the traditional saline or silicone. During your consultation with Dr. L. Scott Ennis, the differences between each implant type will be discussed in detail, allowing you and the surgeon to make a choice based on your desired look and feel.

Here are some of the basic differences of each type will help narrow down the specifics required to make the appropriate choice.


Saline-Saline implants consist of a silicone shell that is inflated with water after it is placed in the body. The advantage is that the incision can be subtle, and the size of the breast can be controlled. However, saline implants are prone to leaking and can cause a “ripple” appearance on the skin near the breast.


Silicone-Silicone gel is referred to as the “fourth generation” implant. It consists of shell prefilled with a gel-like substance. The incision is larger than the other implants, and there can also be some rippling to the skin.

Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear-Gummy bears are called “fifth generation” implants as they are the most recent option available. They are known for having a textured shell that reduces scarring and capsule contracture around the implant. The price is slightly more than the other implant options.

While there is no true way to compare each of the implants, it is true that gummy bear implants are proven to rupture less and have the most durable shell.

Advantages of Gummy Bear Implants

It is true that the choice behind each implant type is primarily based on preference, there are a few poignant advantages to the gummy bear.

1. Shape

Because of the properties of the gel, the form of the gummy bear implant will remain intact over time. Other implants will conform to the shape of the breast. However, because the shape of the gel-filled shell, the breast actually molds itself to the shape of the implant.

2. Unlikely to ripple

Due to the cohesive bond of the internal gel, rippling is not likely to occur with this implant. Once it is put in, it should remain in place and very unlikely to collapse.

3. Less scar tissue

There have been indications that gummy bear implants cause less scarring than the other implants. It is not certain why this is the case, but some speculate that it is due to the firmness of the implant and less diffusion of silicone.

If breast scars are a concern, you should consider endoscopic breast augmentation, a technique that leaves no scar on the breast and creates a natural look. The no scar on the breast technique is performed by Dr. L. Scott Ennis, a 5-star rated (RealSelf), double board certified plastic surgeon.

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Gummy Bear Implants Overview

While still somewhat new to the world of plastic surgery, gummy bear implants have proven to be an attractive choice for a number of people. Not only are people excited to try the latest option, but the durability and natural look have made this implant a trusted option for surgeons and patients alike.

A Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust

At The Miami Institute, we understand the importance of selecting a plastic surgeon that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Dr. Scott Ennis is a dedicated plastic surgeon that has devoted his professional career toward specialized training. He is one of only 6% of plastic surgeons who has the skill to perform breast augmentations via underarm incision. Choose Dr. Ennis for his quality skill and ability to achieve natural results.

Breast Augmentation Before and After Actual Patient Photos

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