March 27

Breast Implant Rippling


When it comes to breast implant horror stories, breast implant rippling is right up there at the top.

You may have heard about this happening, meaning when the breast implant shows through the skin creating folds or wrinkles that are visible through certain outfits or while wearing your swimsuit. The truth is implant rippling can happen if you have older implants or if they weren’t put in correctly during surgery.

Luckily, there are a few techniques that can help correct your breast implant rippling and set you on the path to a more natural-looking chest without any problems.

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What went wrong with implants?

1. The edge of older saline breast implants becomes visible through the skin and creates a rippled look to the breast.

In the early 90s when breast implants were changing and evolving, many implants were filled with saline and had scalloped edges that could be seen through thin breast tissue usually around the top or through the cleavage of the breast area.

2. Thin skin or breast tissue

If you are thinner or have thin breast tissue, you may also be prone to rippling since your breast tissue may be less elastic due to heredity or thickness issues. 

3. Surgeon's Experience

Also if you had a surgeon that was less skilled or created more pocket than implant to fill it, you may notice a problem with wrinkling or rippling of the breasts.  

Breast implant rippling example. Along the top of the breast edge.

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How to Fix Breast Implant Rippling

If you’re experiencing breast implant rippling, don’t feel discouraged. It’s a problem that actually has a solution. You may want to consider one of the following options to combat your symptoms of breast implant rippling:

1. Repositioning

Moving the implant under the muscle and breast tissue. This can improve breast rippling by giving the breast tissue the front position, reducing the ability to see the implant through the skin. 

2. The Silicone Switch (saline to silicone)

Changing out your saline implant for the new, safe, FDA-approved silicone gel implant can improve rippling by creating a natural, more rounded, voluptuous looking breast simply because the implant is firmer and larger. Learn more about breast implant exchange here:

Placing the implants

By placing a new silicone gel implant under the muscle, Dr. L. Scott Ennis is able to create a smooth and natural look. Be sure to ask your surgeon if they plan on placing the breast implant under the muscle or over the muscle. Dr. Ennis typically recommends using the "under the muscle" technique.

What to do if you have rippling implants.

When you’re experiencing a problem with your implants it can affect your quality of life. If you have any rippling, it’s important that you talk to your surgeon about the options available for improving your current implants and getting you the smoother, rounded look you want.

Dr. Ennis and his team are happy to help talk to you about this situation and the best ways to handle what’s going on with your implant.

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Dr. Ennis routinely treats patients who have older implants or have implants that were inserted incorrectly. If you’re looking for someone to get the job done correctly, you’ve come to the right place. Whether fixing an implant problem or getting implants for the first time, Dr. Ennis and his team love to help you get the look you want. Call Ennis Plastic Surgery today to set up a consultation.

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