Posted in Plastic Surgery on November 21, 2016

Are you considering plastic surgery? If so, it’s important that you come prepared to your initial consultation with the surgeon. Here are the top 10 questions to ask a plastic surgeon so you can become more prepared for the procedure and outcome.

1. Are you a board certified? If so, by what board?

It’s important to know if your surgeon is board certified and which board they are affiliated with. This means that the surgeon has met the gold standard for cosmetic procedures. This will let the patient know that their surgeon is in good standing and respected within the field.

2. Is the surgery center accredited?

Surgery center accreditation simply means that the location of your surgery has met qualifications and standards. Patients should not elect to have procedures unless the surgery center is in fact accredited for patient safety and care. Ennis Plastic Surgery is an AAAHC accredited surgical center.

3. What is your background in plastic surgery? What type of surgeries do you specialize in?

Don’t be afraid to verify a surgeon’s experience and expertise. Learning more about what your surgeon specializes in can help you gain more understanding of their qualifications and offer the peace of mind that you deserve.

4. Are you a member of any special boards or committees associated with plastic surgery?

Many surgeons are involved in various aspects of the cosmetic surgery field. Board and committee involvement indicates that the surgeon has a deeper understanding of the practice and seeks meaningful ways to learn more. Often, boards and committees discuss and implement cutting edge methods that your surgeon will likely utilize.

5. Do you believe I am a good candidate for this procedure?

It’s important to work with a surgeon that is honest with you. Some people are simply not good candidates for certain procedures because of a variety of reasons. A good surgeon will answer this question truthfully with an explanation.

6. What should I expect during the recovery process?

As with any surgery, the recovery process for a cosmetic procedure will pose some challenges. Your surgeon should be willing to outline the recovery process so that you know exactly what to expect.

7. What would happen in the event of a complication?

Complications from a surgery can happen due to a number of reasons. Your surgeon should be able to outline the steps he or she would take if your surgery poses some challenges. This is just another key step in surgery preparation.

8. What are the potential outcomes if I am not satisfied with the results?

Occasionally, a patient may not be satisfied with the results. It’s important that your surgeon explains realistic outcomes and options for correction if the outcome is not what you expected.

9. What will be the total cost of the surgery?

There are many costs associated with plastic surgery including anesthesia, the procedure, medication, etc. Make sure that your doctor explains the final cost so that you are not surprised by your bill. Your personal coordinator at Ennis Plastic Surgery will provide you with a custom quote in writing and via email so you know the exact costs prior to surgery.

10. Do you have before and after photographs that I can review?

To help avoid disappointment and to better understand your surgeon’s ability, it’s a good idea to ask to see before and after photographs of previous patients. This will be tangible proof of your surgeon’s skill. Many surgeons have photographs on their website or in-office. Click here to view the before and after photos of Ennis Plastic Surgery.

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