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Tummy tuck recovery is usually the focus of anybody considering the procedure. While it is true that each person’s healing process is unique, there are certainly simple guidelines that should help people understand what they should expect throughout their recovery. Provided here is a basic outline of what you should expect during the tummy tuck recovery process, with the assumption that you follow your doctor’s advice and live a relatively healthy lifestyle.

Tummy Tuck Incision Types

Your tummy tuck recovery will depend on the type of abdominoplasty incision was made during the procedure.
tummy tuck incision types

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An Overview of the Tummy Tuck Recovery Process

By most accounts, a person considering a tummy tuck should prepare for a healing process similar to a C-Section or hysterectomy. In order to heal properly, your body needs proper movement, but also requires a substantial amount of rest.

Striking this balance is what it will take for you to have the quickest recovery possible.

Days 1-5 Post Tummy Tuck

During the first few days, you should expect to feel the most uncomfortable. To help ease the pain, be sure to take the prescribed pain medication Additionally you should limit your movement and rest as much as possible. Keep your torso elevated with pillows under your knees to promote better breathing and less pressure on your abdomen.

Be sure to stay hydrated and avoid foods that may upset your stomach. You should wear a compression garment to promote healing and reduce swelling.

Day 6-14 Post Tummy Tuck

During this phase, the incision area should start to mend. It is important for patients to move around a few times per day to get blood flowing and muscles working again. While some people will still feel some pain, it should be milder, and some movement should be achievable. Keep movements slow and simple. Do not overextend yourself as it could impact your recovery.

As you are still gaining your strength, be sure to use cool water while bathing as it will help keep you alert and avoid fainting. It is important to start curbing the dose of pain medication so that your body actually knows its limits as you start moving. Sometimes, pain medication masks pain too well and makes people think they can do more than they ought to.

Day 15-21 Post Tummy Tuck

At this point, you should be feeling much better and moving a bit easier. Some people can do quite a bit of regular activity, but be mindful of your body. Don’t overextend yourself and be sure to take breaks as needed. Pain should be drastically less at this point, and many people opt to take over-the-counter medication.

Day 22-on Post Tummy Tuck

You should be able to stretch gently and move about with ease. Take care not to lift anything over 30 pounds and avoid contact sports until after 4-6 weeks of recovery.

Tummy Tuck Before and After Patient Photos

View all Tummy Tuck before and after photos.
tummy tuck before and after photo

Tummy Tuck Recovery Summary

Many people recover within four weeks of post-surgery. However, each individual is different, and you should be patient with your healing process. Remember to attend each post-op visit with your surgeon and follow his guidelines to the best of your ability. Be sure to report any changes or concerns.

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