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The potential of a breast lift scar may influence whether or not a person opts for the procedure that could offer them comfort and a restore the shape of their breasts. While it is understandable to concerned about scarring, there are a number of advantages the breast lift procedure can offer such as:

  • Better posture
  • Restored confidence
  • Contoured breast shape

Scarring is certainly a part of most surgical procedures, but there are ways that you can help promote a speedy recovery and reduced scarring. Let’s talk about how!

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Breast Lift Before and After Actual Patient Photos

breast lift before and after with scars

Tips for Reducing Breast Lift Scars

  1. Take it easy- As you heal you will start to feel like yourself again. However, keep in mind that you just had an operation and should still consider taking it slow. Do not participate in activity that will stretch or tear the skin around your incision as this will make it difficult to recovery and cause unnecessary scarring.
  2. Avoid hot water- Your surgeon will determine when you are okay to resume taking warm showers. In the meantime, avoid hot water as it can extend swelling and make it difficult for the incision to heal properly. The longer it takes for your body to heal, the more likely it is that you will have visible scarring.
  3. Eat well- Be sure to eat a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Your body is trying to repair itself, and any additional boost will go a long way in that process. There are a number of foods such as eggs and yogurt that reduce swelling.
  4. Avoid tanning beds and sun exposure- Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun and tanning beds can enhance the appearance of scars and make it difficult for incisions to heal. You should always wear sunscreen and especially while you are recovering from a breast lift.
  5. Do not drink or smoke- Alcohol and nicotine can both work as roadblocks to recovery. It is recommended to avoid these habits for at least 2-4 weeks before and after surgery.
  6. Use recommended creams- Surgeons will often prescribe creams that will promote healing and reduce scarring. You should use the creams as directed to help promote healthy healing.

Things to Keep in Mind About Breast Lift Scars

breast lift scar and incision types
Breast Lift Scar and Incision Types

Remember, everybody heals differently and likewise scarring varies from patient to patient. A few things that can influence scarring:

  • Improper self-care during recovery
  • Not following doctor’s recommendation
  • Age
  • Heredity
  • Ethnicity

In some instances, the way that your body is made directly contributes to whether or not you will have visible scarring. Keep in mind that the photographs that you see of people who are post-op are usually taken about two to three months after their surgery.

Scarring will be much less noticeable after a year following the procedure. While scarring is certainly a concern, remember that a breast lift offers a sense of relief to your sagging breasts and a much more youthful appearance.

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The Breast Lift Process Diagram

The Breast Lift Process

Selecting a Plastic Surgeon

If you are interested in the breast lift procedure, reach out to the highly regarded plastic surgeons at Miami Institute. Dr. Ennis and Dr. Craft are both specialized in performing state-of-the-art breast procedures and have offered exceptional results for all of their patients over the years.

A breast lift is something that provides a patient a new found confidence and peace of mind that many people live without. Don’t allow yourself to live one more day with a body that makes you unhappy. Contact Dr. Ennis or Dr. Craft today for your personal consultation. They are happy to provide you with the quality results that you deserve.

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