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  • Women develop more and deeper wrinkles around their mouths as they age than men do
Posted in  Skin   on  January 8, 2010

The disadvantage had long been suspected, but a recent study provides “irrefutable scientific evidence”.

The gender differences were most probably due to the amount of appendages [hair follicles, sebaceous glands] and the connections between the skin and muscle of the lips. We have always had the impression that male skin doesn’t age as rapidly as female skin. What was unknown is that one of the reasons that lines are deeper in women is because they have fewer sweat or sebaceous glands, the glands that make the oil that keeps our skin feeling soft … So women are producing less oil, which is protective and keeps the skin smoother.

Previous studies had not focused in on differences between men and women in the perioral area of the face. (The region around the mouth)

Women tend to go for procedures to remedy such wrinkles more often than men, although it hadn’t been clear if women were just worried about how they looked or if their wrinkles were actually worse.

Several key differences between men and women emerged: women had fewer sweat glands around the mouth than men; women had fewer blood vessels so less blood flow to that region; the muscles around the mouth are closer to the skin than in men, which may pull the skin in tighter, causing wrinkles; and, although the number of hair follicles were about the same in both genders, men had more sweat glands per hair follicle, again contributing to more relaxed skin throughout aging.

Hormones also seem to play a role in women’s dermatologic aging process.

For instance, estrogens promote healing, meaning that women tend to heal from wounds faster. And postmenopausal women have reduced blood flow, again contributing to lines and furrows. And they experience a decrease in the fat (sebum) secreted by sweat glands.

Meanwhile, women on hormone replacement therapy have been reported to have fewer wrinkles than those not taking the hormones.

Tissue also gets thinner as people age. Many existing cosmetic procedures, including fat transfers, are offered at Ennis Plastic Surgery, which can remedy some of these changes.

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