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What Can I Do About Sagging Breasts?


As women naturally age, have children, or experience dramatic weight loss their breasts may start to sag and lose their youthful appearance. For some people, this impacts their confidence, and they may wonder about their options to regain the look that they desire. There are simple changes that may help such as practicing good posture or wearing a more supportive bra, but for many people, this is simply not enough.

If you are interested in possibilities that are available to solve the issues of sagging breasts, then please read on to learn more about two effective plastic surgery options, breast lift and breast lift with augmentation, medically referred to as mastopexy.

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1. Breast Lift

A breast lift accomplishes just what it says, it raises the breasts and rewinds the clock. The result is a beautiful more proportional appearance without relying on implants. With a breast  lift, the woman’s natural breast tissue remains intact, and there are no additional materials used. It is quite simply situating the breasts in a more aesthetically appealing manner.

Breast Lift Before and After Photos

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Content Nudity Warning

Breast lift mastopexy

Breast lift mastopexy

Breast lift mastopexy before and after, covered. Actual patient of Dr. L. Scott Ennis.

Breast lift mastopexy

Breast lift mastopexy

Breast lift mastopexy before and after. Actual patient of Dr. L. Scott Ennis.

Breast lift with augmentation before and after photos, click here.
Breast lift before and after photos, click here.

However, despite the lack of an implant the following can still be achieved:

  1. Better shape
  2. Better nipple position
  3. Smaller areola
  4. Improved breast profile

Keep in mind, a breast lift without an implant will not significantly change the size of your breasts. Instead, it will create a more perky, youthful appearance that will not only look great, but feel more comfortable. If anything, the breast may actually be smaller since it has been tightened up.

There are multiple options available for breast lifts that can accomplish varying degrees of results based on the severity of the sag.

Options may include:

  • Crescent lift—ideal for minimal sagging and results in little to no scarring
  • Donut lift—ideal for mild sagging and produces a single scar
  • Lollipop lift—ideal for medium sagging and offers more reshaping
  • Anchor lift—ideal for extensive sagging and dramatic reshaping

A plastic surgeon can best help you identify which category meets your specific needs. The lift you need will be determined by the amount of skin you have.

Types of Breast Lift Incisions

2. Breast Augmentation

Another option is to elect breast augmentation that can be a standalone operation or coupled with a breast lift. Of course, this includes the insertion of breast implants which not only restores the upper fullness of the breast, but changes the size of the breast as well. Patients who are unsatisfied with the size and fullness of their breasts may elect for a breast augmentation option because it solves two issues with one procedure.

This is what breast augmentation can do for sagging breasts:

  1. Provide a better profile
  2. Significantly increase volume
  3. Rewind the age of your breasts

Breast augmentation offers a variety of options to consider such as:

  • The size of implant—Size of the implant can be chosen based on personal goals, existing breast tissue and the type of implant you choose. Learn more about breast implant sizes.
  • The shape of implant—There are a variety of shapes that range from natural, teardrop to rounded depending on the overall appearance goal.
  • Type of implant—Patients will have to choose between saline or silicone based on their age, appearance goals, and existing breast tissue.
  • Placement—Implants can be placed behind or on top of the muscle. Learn more about breast implants.
  • Insertion site—There are many options as far as where the implant can be inserted including belly button or armpit.

Remember that a breast implant does not change the shape of your breast, it only makes them larger and fuller. If you are unhappy with the shape of your breast, then you may want to consider a lift or a combined lift and augmentation. It is best to consult a board certified plastic surgeon to identify which choices are right for you.

Are you a Good Candidate?

When you consider whether or not you are a good candidate for either of the operations defined here, you should think about the following:

  1. Do your nipples point downward?
  2. Do your nipples or areola go past the natural crease of your breasts?
  3. Are you happy with the shape of your breasts?
  4. Do your breasts appear deflated or lack volume?

If you can answer yes to any of the questions above, then you may be interested in a procedure that will offer long-term results. How you feel about your body can impact your everyday life and influence your self-esteem. To better understand your options and to discuss which procedure is right for you, reach out to a top rated plastic surgeon at Ennis Plastic Surgery!


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