Executive Physicals

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Measuring Performance with an Executive Physical

When it comes to total health, success is measured by your ability to perform on the job, in everyday life and in the relationships that are essential for emotional and intellectual fulfillment. The same is true for your body. It needs to perform and it needs a balance of nutrition, rest, stimulation and excellent internal chemistry to do so. Executive physicals at Boca Plastic Surgery & Age Management respect your demanding schedule and your need for complete knowledge and expert analysis.

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Instead of visiting numerous medical advisers, our anti-aging physician handles everything from testing and analysis to creating a wellness regimen that feeds your body, mind and spirit to keep you on top of your game.

Components of an Executive Physical

An executive physical is much more than a physician check-up or routine physical. The executive physical is a comprehensive health assessment that evaluates multiple body systems for an indication of overall health and wellness. The executive physical evaluates the patient’s cardiovascular, metabolic, gastrointestinal, neurological, endocrine, immune functions as well as physical fitness and specific organ functioning (heart, brain, lung, skin).

Specific evaluation components include identification and assessment of:

  1. Risk of heart disease
  2. Gastrointestinal function
  3. Cancer risk
  4. Nutritional health
  5. Diabetes screening and risk
  6. Stress level and stress responses
  7. Inflammatory processes
  8. Hormone levels
  9. Genetic history
  10. Food intolerance and sensitivity
  11. Brain chemistry
  12. Overall wellness
  13. Risk of Stroke
  14. Presence of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  15. Fitness level (V02 max)
  16. Resting Metabolic Rate
  17. Environmental Toxicities
  18. Speed of aging for certain organs (brain, heart, lungs, skin) using PhysioAge
Full Body Composition (DEXA) to check for Osteoporosis, Muscle Mass and Body Fat

Preventative Steps for Health and Wellbeing

Disease does not develop overnight. For this reason, it is necessary to take preventative steps to evaluate and control health and wellbeing. Disease is a state of negative processes that eventually leads to illness. By detecting these processes early, it can help prevent the onset of disease and improve overall health.

The physician utilizes a physical examination in combination with the latest available biomarker testing. A detailed history and physical is completed in addition to an evaluation of cardiovascular fitness and nutrition. As part of the history intake, the patient’s medications and vaccinations are reviewed to be sure they are up to date and appropriate. A lifestyle evaluation is completed that reviews the patient’s behaviors including tobacco, alcohol and drug use as well as nutrition, fitness and sleep. The patient’s stress level and stress management strategies are also evaluated.

The patient is screened for heart and vascular disease as well as cancer. Early screenings for cardiovascular and cancer diseases have been shown to be one of the most important steps to reducing risk of morbidity and mortality with these disease. Bloodwork is drawn for standard blood analysis including lipid profiles, glucose testing, and white and red blood count levels.
However, the executive physical goes beyond the basic blood counts and additionally evaluates biomarkers for a more comprehensive indication of health.

Biomarkers are measurable indicators of the presence and severity of some diseases in the body. Biomarkers are chemicals and proteins that are found in the blood and are correlated with specific disease processes and health status. The advanced bloodwork panel analyzes biomarkers that can indicate risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other health related problems.

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Specific biomarker analysis includes:

1. Cancer biomarkers

Unfortunately, statistics show that cancer affects 1 in 4 Americans. Regular checkups and screening tools are important for cancer detection, but utilization of biomarkers can help to detect cancer in its earliest stages. The chemicals and proteins that are found in the blood can measure the patient’s risk of cancer. By identifying risk, more extensive testing can be done and prevention strategies can be implemented.

2. Cardiovascular biomarkers

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women. It involves narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to stroke, heart attack and other heart related conditions. Monitoring cholesterol levels and examining the integrity of the vasculature for hardening are important physical tests for cardiovascular health. Biomarkers assess whether a patient is at a high risk of heart attack or stroke, giving the patient the knowledge to make changes in order to prevent or correct for heart disease.

3. Diabetes biomarkers

Diabetes is a chronic condition that negatively impacts how the body can process blood sugar and carbohydrates. The disease develops over time and many people do not realize that they may be in a state of pre-diabetes. During a pre-diabetic state, damage is done to the body in the form of nerve and blood vessel damage which can lead to long term health issues. By utilizing biomarkers, a physician is able to identify harmful processes in the body and teach strategies to prevent (or reverse) further disease progression.

4. Sexual function biomarkers

Low hormone levels are a leading cause of sexual dysfunction. Balancing the body’s hormone level can help boost sex drive with age. Analyzing sexual related biomarkers can identify any hormonal imbalance. This can give the patient insight into the cause of low sexual drive or sexual dysfunction. Fortunately, there are effective hormone replacement treatments to address this common issue and to correct for these imbalances.

5. Energy and fatigue related biomarkers

Fatigue is a condition of low energy and can be a symptom of many illnesses, such as anxiety and depression or even hormonal imbalance. Additionally, chronic stress can contribute to low energy and inflammatory processes. The biomarkers examine for chemical and hormonal imbalances that can relate to low energy.

6. Fitness level markers

RMR, V02 max along with a full Stress Test will evaluate how slow or fast is your metabolism, along with your fitness level and making recommendations to improve fitness level.

7. Aging markers

Besides the blood bio-markers for aging (inflammation, hormones etc) we utilize machines and software (PhysioAge) to determine speed of aging of those specific organs (brain, heart, skin and lungs) and providing specific recommendations to improve the process of aging.

Results of an Executive Physical

The results of an executive physical evaluation are pieced together like a complex puzzle. The physician will evaluate all of the data from the history, physical examination, laboratory testing, screening tools and biomarkers in order to develop an evaluation of the patient’s overall health. From this information, the physician is able to calculate a patient’s biological age. Going one step further, the physician is able to develop a health plan tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Ongoing coaching, encouragement and direction helps patients stick to their wellness plan toward optimal health.

Boca Plastic Surgery & Age Management focuses on lifestyle modification and behavioral changes to improve wellness. We also focus on utilizing advanced and comprehensive medical interventions such as IV nutritional therapy, hormone replacement therapy, surgical and non-surgical weight loss, as well as stress management therapy. If the executive physical indicates need for further medical intervention or treatment, Boca Plastic Surgery & Age Management is happy to provide ongoing medical care. Additionally, if further specialized testing is indicated, we are willing and qualified to refer to an appropriate medical specialist.

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