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Finding the right weight loss programs can make a big difference in getting fit. Losing weight is more than a numbers game. This formula: calories in – calories burned = caloric deficit certainly works. But we’re here to lend nutritional science, brain and body chemistry and specific protocols of prescription medications so that simple arithmetic really adds up to pounds lost and muscle gained, for life!

Boca Plastic Surgery & Age Management offers serious solutions for weight loss and healthy weight management and no matter which program you select, your plan will be tailored for you, giving you the best chance possible to reach your goals quickly and safely.

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Common Elements to Weight Loss Programs

  1. An acute weight loss phase where patients can lose up to a pound a day
  2. A transition phase where a combination of medication or natural supplements and education help patients continue to lose while incorporating newly formed healthy habits
  3. A maintenance phase where healthy lifestyle habits are fully integrated as patients confidently maintain a healthy weight and enjoy a trimmer silhouette

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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Weight loss is a physical, emotional and psychological process that can be very difficult to achieve and maintain when going at it alone. Fortunately, there are options at Boca Plastic Surgery & Age Management to help you stay on track and reach your weight loss goals through a medically supervised weight loss program.

Metabolic syndrome, or “syndrome X” is a rapidly increasing and devastating epidemic in this country. It is a disorder characterized by four classic symptoms: abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels. This myriad causes hyper-secretion of insulin and subsequent insulin resistance. These symptoms can lead to many serious health complications including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney failure, etc. Currently, medicine is working to treat the symptoms but not the cause of metabolic syndrome (with blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin medications). The most elementary cause of this condition is our food intake, particularly with excessive carbohydrates and sugars. Fortunately, when we understand how our bodies are reacting to food, we can be more apt to make lifelong and lasting changes for better health and vitality.

In order to lose weight, one must consume fewer calories than are expended. However, this strategy is greatly affected by age, hormones, physical activity, stress and other factors. Weight loss is not a simple mathematical calculation. In addition, a maintenance program must be adhered to in order to keep the results and avoid regaining lost weight. The body has three forms of energy from which to draw its energy needs: glucose, protein and fat. It most easily utilizes glucose (sugars and carbohydrates) first when converting food to energy. Next, it turns to protein and fat. One of the reasons that low carbohydrate diets work so well is that the body is forced to utilize its fat stores for energy when it does not have glucose readily available. With a medically supervised weight loss program, clients learn the relationship between food, energy and nutritional value. Supervised weight loss provides the educational framework for lifelong success.

Weight gain, like any medical issue, is a multifactorial process. Not everybody responds to diet, exercise, environment, stress, and food sensitivity the same. At Boca Plastic Surgery & Age Management, we customize our weight loss programs to each individual client. We recognize that each person has a different medical and health background, and that weight loss outcomes are reliant on specificity. We have a proven history of successful and reliable outcomes.

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Common contributing factors to weight gain include:

  • Food sensitivities: Individuals are often sensitive to various food groups (such as gluten, soy, and dairy ) and also to specific foods like eggs, fruits, chicken. This can lead to weight gain and overall inflammation.
  • Nutrient and vitamin deficiencies: Specific vitamin deficiencies can contribute to added body fat accumulation and poor cellular nutrition.
  • Poor gastrointestinal function: A poorly functioning gastrointestinal system lacks adequate nutrient absorption. This can be related to poor hydration, poor fiber intake and a variety of other health conditions.
  • Hormone imbalance: Hormone imbalance (such as cortisol, testosterone, DHEA, progesterone) can contribute to weight gain and poorly functioning metabolism.
  • Other factors can be genetics, toxicities in the body, hydration issues, slow metabolism adn others.

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What to Expect from a Weight Loss Program

Medically supervised weight loss programs provide weight loss treatment in a clinical setting with a licensed medical practitioner. The program offers a variety of services to help achieve sustained weight loss including nutrition, physical activity and behavioral therapy.

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Weight Loss Program Steps

All of our weight loss program follow a set series of steps, getting you off on the right foot and steadily working toward your goal:

  1. Initial physical and medical evaluation with includes lab tests and a physical to set your health baseline
  2. Your first visit that officially marks the start of your weight loss journey where you will go over your selected program in detail with your doctor and start that very day
  3. Weekly visits keep you on track offering encouragement and support but also systematically track your progress with weigh-ins. You’ll also pick-up your weekly dose of prescription medications during this appointment.

The initial consultation includes a detailed medical evaluation, examining for potential contributing factors to weight gain. The initial evaluation will also review a weight history, including past diet attempts and a thorough psychological history.

Oftentimes people come for an evaluation with undiagnosed diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction and obstructive sleep apnea. Because the weight loss program is directed and supervised by a medical physician, these health conditions can be monitored and addressed along the weight loss journey. This allows for an effective weight loss journey that is also safe and medically sound.

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Reasons for a Breast Lift

  • Behavior modifications through diet and exercise: Diet and exercise are the front-line of treatment for weight loss (though this can be an area of great struggle for clients). However, time and time again, diet and exercise has been shown to greatly improve health and weight. Lifestyle modification through proper nutrition and increased physical activity are essential for maintenance of appropriate weight. Physical activity boosts metabolism and increases muscle mass, improving your tone and physique. As part of your medically supervised weight loss program, our clinical staff educates clients in safe, appropriate and enjoyable exercise programs.
  • Nutritional plans: Diet often comes with a very negative connotation. It can be very difficult to deny ourselves foods that we enjoy. In addition, when we do diet, our bodies can quickly employ compensatory mechanisms to slow metabolism and increase our appetite, making dieting harder. By gaining a better understanding of the relationship between food, health and overall wellbeing, clients are more apt to commit to healthy eating. The weight loss program will detail a medically-supervised diet that boosts your metabolism, while burning fat for increased energy.
  • Pharmacotherapy with weight loss medications and injections: The next tool that boosts weight loss is through pharmacological enhancement. Prescription medication is utilized to safely maximize fat burning potential, greatly increasing the speed of weight loss. By combining medical pharmacology with sound nutritional choices, the body is able to burn fat faster and more effectively.
  • Hormone replacement: Imbalances in hormone levels can significantly contribute to weight gain or difficulty losing weight. One of the reasons that women have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight after menopause is because of the significant change in hormone levels. Hormone replacement therapy provides a treatment using naturally derived hormones that are the chemical equivalent to hormones that are found in our bodies. It rebalances or restores natural hormone levels. They are the key to restoring balance to the body’s chemistry by replenishing levels that naturally drop with age.

The weight loss program includes acute, transitional and maintenance phases. In the acute phase of treatment, individuals can expect to lose up to one pound per day. The transition phase supports weight loss with ongoing regular visits. Finally, the maintenance phase ensure that our clients stay on track and keep their weight loss goals.

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Specific programs at Boca Plastic Surgery & Age Management include the Fat Burner Injections Diet and Functional Medicine Diet.

The Fat Burner Injections Diet utilizes weekly fat burner injections which reduce appetite and increase your body’s fat-burning processes. It gives an added boost to your metabolism and weight loss results.

The Functional Medicine Diet is meant to help clients achieve a better quality of life both physically and mentally. The program combines strict nutrition plans with prescription medications for appetite suppression. Because it is medically supervised, obesity-related health risks such as those related to Metabolic Syndrome are monitored and subsequently reduced or removed*.

The Boca Plastic Surgery & Age Management Difference with Weight Loss Programs

With weight loss programs at Boca Plastic Surgery & Age Management, clients can regain control over their eating habits, while restoring youthful vitality and longevity. Clients are pleasantly surprised to realize how great it feels to lose weight and keep it off!

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